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Aug 13, 2013, 06.01AM IST TNN

HYDERABAD: Calling Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi as ‘ignorant’ of facts, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Monday advised him not to mislead the nation on the progress in Gujarat. Disputing the figures presented by Modi during his speech in Hyderabad on Sunday, Kiran Reddy said Gujarat is far behind Andhra Pradesh in all aspects including industrial investments.

Raising objection to copying US President Barak Obama‘s campaign slogan “Yes We can”, Kiran Reddy advised Modi to look back to his roots in Gujarat that produced great men like Mahatma Gandhi.

“Even Mr Obama confessed that his guiding forces are Gandhi and Martin Luther King after his election to the president’s post. Unfortunately, Modi has forgotten native philosophy and tried to copy Obama’s poll slogan,” said Kiran Reddy.

He announced that AP people are not ignorant to be carried away by the utterances of Modi. Terming Modi’s speech in Hyderabad as a pack of lies, the chief minister pointed that recently, Modi showered praises on AP team that visited Gujarat to study skill development schemes there.

“Ignorance is not a sin, but wilful ignorance is a sin and it is called a lie. Modi with full knowledge about skill development activity in AP and Gujarat had put before people some wrong figures. It is not good for his stature,” said Kiran Reddy.

He explained while AP developed skills for 3.25 lakh youths and employed them, Gujarat did the same for only 52,000 and Tamil Nadu 1.6 lakh only without actually giving employment.

“What is there for us to learn from Tamil Nadu in skill development? With regard to public distribution system, Modi wanted us to follow Chhattisgarh which is giving ration to only 63% of its people, while AP has been providing subsidized ration to 94% of people. AP is supplying nine commodities at subsidy while all other states supply two or three commodities. AP is the lighthouse for all welfare schemes. Modi need not tell us what we should do for the betterment of our people,” said Kiran Reddy. He questioned why Modi was not implementing schemes like ‘Ladli Lakhpathi’ of Madhya Pradesh.

Kiran also said that it looked like “Modi was acting on the dais” taking clues from the film fraternity that met him prior to the public meeting.




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