In yet another shocking incident of Hindutva terrorists traumatising Muslim victims, a group of right-wing goons have mercilessly thrashed a Muslim boy for allegedly possessing beef in Maharashtra.

Hindutva terrorists

The video of the incident has now gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, which was reportedly shot in Maharashtra’s Malegaon district on 26 May, a group of Hindutva terrorists are seen mercilessly thrashing a young man for allegedly possessing beef, which can be seen lying on the floor.

The victim defends himself by clarifying that the meat on the floor is of buffalo, but to no avail. The attackers also get enraged on the victim pronouncing Allah’s name in desperation.

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One terrorist is heard saying, “Say Jai Shri Ram, say Jai Shri Ram. Allah kaa naam nahi lene kaa (Don’t take Allah’s name.)”

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