The Fellowship is designed to promote scholarship in Islamic studies for young researchers in the early stages of their career.

About Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer:

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer was a renowned Islamic scholar who worked tirelessly in the areas of Bohra reforms, rights of Muslim women in Quran, secularism and human rights and liberation theology in Islam. He has made monumental contribution to these fields through his numerous works particularly The Rights of Women in Islam, Lifting the Veil – Communal Violence and Communal Harmony in Contemporary India, On Developing Theology of Peace in Islam, The Bohras etc. He is well respected for the fact findings of communal violence including Nellie massacre, Bombay Riots, Bhivandi Riots. For his seminal work, he has own multiple accolades and awards, the most prominent being Right Livelihood Honorary award and National Communal Harmony Award 1997. He founded organizations like Centre for Study of Society and Secularism and Institute of Islamic Studies to give impetus to carry on research in these areas. He was also part of the drafting committee of the National Advisory committee.

  1. Guidelines

1.1 Scholars working on the below-mentioned research areas may apply for the award of Fellowships

  1. i) Liberation Theology in Islam
  2. ii) Islam and Gender Justice

iii) Sufi Islam

  1. iv) Feminist readings of Islam
  2. v) Reforms within the Islamic World
  3. vi) Secularism and Islam

vii) Islam and Democracy

viii) Emerging Challenges within Islam

  1. ix) Islam and Inter- Faith Engagement
  2. x) Islam and Human Rights
  3. xi) Islam and Doctrines of Peace

xii) Environment, climate change and Islam

xiii) Gender diversity and Islam

xiv) Islam and concept of compassion and mercy



  1. Eligibility for Award of Fellowship

2.1 The fellowship will be awarded to one (1) post-graduate student with outstanding research skills and records.

2.2 There is no age bar for this fellowship.

2.3 Scholars belonging to weaker sections of society, women and those who are differently abled/physical challenged are encouraged to apply and will be given preference.

2.5 Dates for Application:

Application letters along with resume should be mailed to [email protected] before 30th September, 2016. The application must be accompanied with a statement of purpose not exceeding 500 words describing the topic the applicant wishes to pursue and the reasons for the same.

  1. Procedure for Award of the fellowship

3.1 The short-listed scholars would be invited to make a presentation before the Expert Committee.

  1. Conditions of the fellowship

4.1 The amount of the fellowship is Rs. 25,000/- pm.

4.2 The term of Fellowship would initially be for a period of one year, allowing continuation for another year after evaluation of the work done during the first year.

4.3 The fellow will be expected to conduct his/her research activities within the organization as well as coordination of the activities related to his/her research.

4.4 At the end of the fellowship the fellow will submit a manuscript for publication. CSSS will have the first right of publication and will have the copyright of the manuscript submitted by the Fellow.

  1. Monitoring of Fellowship

5.1 The research undertaken by fellow would be reviewed periodically/time to time and the fellowship being granted by the Centre may be discontinued if research undertaken by any fellow is found unsatisfactory. Fellowship amount already released to a fellow may be recovered if the research undertaken by him/her is not found to be satisfactory.

5.2 Reports in the form of Short Articles are required to be submitted at every quarter that will be considered for publication by the Organisation.

5.3 A simple statement of accounts is required to be submitted so that the next instalment of funds may be released.