Veteran progressive intellectual and an active member of Pakistan’s communist movement, Dr. Manzoor Ahmed of Shah Faisal Colony Karachi, died in Islamabad in the afternoon of January 15. He hailed from Allahabad where he attended University before moving to Pakistan. At the time of his passing away, he was about 82 years old, and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia for several years. He belonged to the group of medical students of Karachi that laid the foundation of progressive students’ politics in the early fifties, and later led the left movement during the times of worst persecution of communist workers, for which he also suffered incarceration. The Communist Party had tasked him with organising labour unions and the association of medical professionals. At one time, he was the vice-president of National Awami Party, and president of Karachi NAP.

Muqtida A. K. Mansoor, Political Analyst/Columnist  pays  tribute

It was a shocking news for me that Comrade Dr. Manzoor Ahmad passed away. I had a long association with him and learnt a lot from his experience. In 1972, when I came to Karachi from Sukkur and was in search of a reasonable residence, one of my friend informed me that I should live in Shah Faysal Colony (Formerly called Drigh Colony) as there were a number of left oriented politicians are residing there. In December 1972, with the help of Late Muhammad Muhsin Advocate, I got a house on rent and I with my childhood friend Saadat (Now in Canada) shifted in this locality which was totally new for me.

One day Comrade Muhammad Muhsin asked me to accompany him to meet a comrade who was a physician and a leader of NAP. This was my first meeting with Dr. Manzoor Ahmad which then converted to a very frank friends, though there was a wide age difference. he was polite, kind and always helpful to me. During 1980s we started a study circle at his residence in which Professor Iqbal Ahmad Khan (late) was the regular participant and speaker. Along with him, Comrade Ahmad Altaf and many others also participated in this study circle regularly. Here I met legnedary personalities like B.M Kutty, Comrade Sharaf Ali, Comrade Mukhar Bacha, Barrister Abdul Wadood, Prof. Jamal Naqvi and Comrade Imam Ali Nazish.

In 1991, when I shifted to Gulshan-e-Maymar, I used to visit him and many time he visited me in Gulshan-e-Maymar. On day he spent a whole day with his daughter and son with my family and we discussed a lot on political situation.

Though his livelihood was on medical practice but he was so kind with his friends that he had has marked “Friend” on the prescription cards of each friend and no fee was charged from friends. Similarly many of poor families of the area were getting free medical treatment from him.

My red salute to the great comrade and political activist of high moral values.