Pratik Sinha 

Back in the first week of December 2013, we exposed 10000 “made-to-order” fake twitter followers of Narendra Modi who follow ONLY Narendra Modi. These fake followers have never sent out a tweet, have no followers themselves, have not changed the default twitter profile picture (egg) and follow exactly one person i.e. Narendra Modi.

A fake Modi Bhakt who surely won't vote for him
A fake Modi Bhakt who surely won’t vote for him

Whether Gujarat has made progress or not, Narendra Modi in the last 2 and a half months has made substantial progress in adding fake twitter followers like the one shown in the above image. The list of these fake Modi Bhakts has increased almost by a factor of 3. Click on any one of the links to 27185 twitter profiles which have been ‘manufactured’ specially for Modi.

The accounts listed above, which exclusively follow Modi, are just a small fraction of fake accounts that have been created to swell Modi’s followers. There’s an army of twitter bots who tweet pro-Modi tweets 24/7. We exposed some of these twitter bots which were unsuccessfully employed to make Narendra Modi Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”.

We have heard of political parties creating vote banks, but to create a completely fake vote bank, you have to learn from Modi.

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