It was all pre-planned between Zee News and ABVP, as the entry-sheets at JNU gate confirm. Zee entered campus, one hour before. How did they know in advance? 

Copy of the Registered entries on 9 Feb from JNU security office reveals that JNUSU Jt Sec Saurabh Sharma (ABVP) requested entry for ZEE News and ANI reporter before the Program “A Country without Post Office”.

After the evidence of doctored videos being circulated by some media channels, it becomes evident that there was a design behind the incidents that followed. The question that remains is how did Saurabh Sharma come to know before hand that anti-national slogans will be shouted ? Why is it that Saurabh Sharma called only two media channels and not media in general ( which is the convention). Last but not the least why did the reporters cite Saurabh Sharma (ABVP being an interested party) and not the permission of JNU registrar which is the convention.
JNU entry sheet