19 August 07:25 2015

19 August 07:25 2015


New Delhi: The social networking website Facebook has disabled the personal account of senior Hindi journalist Dilip Chandra Mandal creating a controversy on social media.

Dilip Mandal, a former Managing Editor with the India Today group  and a writer on media and social issues, has been a regular commentator on the social media, on Facebook specially with large number of followers

Mandal, a journalist with more than 25 years of experience in the field is seen among emerging young voices on media and issues related to Dalit politics.

A very active Facebook user, he has been on receiving end on social media for his comments against the current government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, govt institutions and RSS.

Citing this action of Facebook as ‘wrong side driving ‘ Dilip Chandra Mandal has issued a statement in Hindi criticizing this act.

He has asked the India office of Facebook to provide the reasons for such a strong step.

He said Facebook authorities could verify the account if they had any doubts before resorting to such an extreme step which is a basic violation of freedom of expression.

In his statement Mandal has asked Facebook authorities to clarify if there were any complaints against his writings, anybody felt insulted or defamed or if there was any pressure from the government or any complaint by the RSS.

This action of Facebook has raised questions on the codes and ethics governing public communication on social media.