(From 09-05-2012 to 06-06-2012)

PUCL received a representation from Zubeda Begum M/o Late Ibrahim Yafai, aged about 60 years. The content of the representation is, her
son Ibrahim Yafai, age 23 years was murdered on 30-04-2011 by MLA AKBARUDDIN OWAISI (MLA Chandrayanguta) and his followers with the
cooperation of Mr. A K Khan,IPS( The than Hyderabad Police Commissioner). They are misguiding the court too and further they are
harassing the family members of the representative (Victim) to not to take any further movement against the murder of her son Ibrahim Yafai
and odd (Others).

The PUCL, AP, AICPL and Minority Mahila Welfare Association  formed a Fact Finding Committee consisting Jaya Vindhyala, Iqbal Khan, Prakash,Riazuddin, Sulthana Begum, Razia Begum, Rasheeda Begum, Romana Begum,Saleem, Aslam, Masaiah, Sujatha, Abraham, Akhtharunnisa Begum,Rajendra Prasad, Dasarath, Saakira Begum and Shoba. The committee
enquired on this matter from 09-05-2012 to 06-06-2012.

Ibrahim Yafai is the son of Brother Mohammed Pehelwan @ Mohammed Bin Omer Yafai. The forefathers of the Yafai family migrated from Yemen to India on an INVITATION BY THE THEN  NIZAM NAWAB of HYDERABAD as WRESTLERS. They have plenty of the lands also.

Mohammed Pehelwan had a group of wrestlers, they are trainers of wrestling and they own a training centre also (In old City).  They
have good relations with the common public. With his support the MIM Party had a huge success in the State and Lok Sabha (Legislature and
Parliamentary) elections. Subsequently when Akbaruddin  Owaisi of MIM Party, the Candidate for the Chandrayangutta Constituency. Mohammed Pehlwan and his associates were supporting him. (Supported him)

Though Mohammed  Pehlwan and his associates were giving funds to the MIM Party and for the development of the Muslim community.  Akbaruddin Owaisi as an MLA, after consolidating his position over the constituency, he started making land settlements by creating disputes.
This was observed by Mohammed Pehelwan and his followers and they questioned about these un-constitutional methods.  One day Mr.
Akbaruddin Owisi started creating disputes in the Pehelwan’s lands. It was an unbearable situation for them.

Mohammed Pehelwan entered into an agreement for 25 acres of land with the SONY GROUP at  Bandlaguda area (Ranga Reddy District.) This was occupied by MLA Akbaruddin and his henchmen. They have put this land under the name of “Shahanaz” as a  binami name and they were
converting(Converted) this land in to plots and (Started)selling the same (Sy No. 84,85,86,15,98,98/1 and 82)(Of (Bandlaguda,(V)
(M), Ranga Reddy District). As a result of this Pehelwan left the party with his followers, but Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi and his henchmen
not digesting this(Did not digest the same) and trying to get back him and his associates into the MIM party by creating problems and started
registering cases against them.
Mr. Mohammed Pehelwan approached court of law and got back his lands by the court. The MIM party leaders and their henchmen were unable to interfere with the properties as the lands were under the supervision of the court. The MIM party leaders and their henchmen were
continuously harassing them with the help of police or Revenue authorities and other government agencies like MCH (GHMC) by one hand
to another hand. If any Police authorities or other government agencies did not cooperate with the MIM Party leaders or their
henchmen illegal acts, they were transferred and they were appointing the officers who supported the MIM Party and who would listen to their

The Sy No. 82 at Bandlaguda area was made as government land and allotted to the weaker section housing colony with the instigation of
Akbaruddin Owaisi. On 14-07-2009 it was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Mr. late Raja shekar Reddy and other ministers present were
Smt. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Aanam Ram Narayana Reddy, M Mukesh Goud,Daanam Nagender, Shilpa Mohan Reddy and V Hanmantha Rao, MP, Dr. K Keshava Rao, MP, Syed Azeez Pasha, MP, Penumallu Madhu, MP, M A Khan,Rasheed Ali, MP, Asaduddin Owisi, MP, MLA Akbaruddin Owisi and Hyderabad District Collector  Naveen Mittal, Dr. P Pandu Ranga Rao(Engineer in chief, GHMC), MT Krishna Babu, IAS, Special Commissioner GHMC, S P Singh, IAS, Commissioner and Special Officer GHMC and others.
Later on Mohammed Pehelwan approached the court of law and he got the declaration order that the Sy No 82 is private patta land as result
Revenue authorities themselves removed the inauguration stone from the land and handed over the land to its owner Mr. Mohammed Pehelwan.
For the inauguration ceremony and other activities on 14-09-2009 there was (spent) huge amount of public fund spent for this. They misguided
the Government Machinery, on this still then the Government did not take any steps on them. Due to this incident the people lost faith on
the Government. This is shame on the part of the government.
This made MLA Akbaruddin Owisi to visualize that this Pehelwan is the only one person who is not coming in to the clutches of the MIM Party
leaders and their henchmen, so he started to continuously harass the Pehelwan and his people with all the possible ways.
We came to know that on 30-04-2011 he called for PAADAYATHRA in the Chandrayangutta Constituency (as per MIM Party), that programme began in the early hours 7a.m itself. At 7a.m Mr Akbaruddin Owisi was present at the MIM Party office in the area and sent his henchmen to
Pehelwan’s house, they informed that “AKBAR SAHEB IS CALLING at area MIM Office”, Pehelwan and their family members didn’t respond to their words and they were quite. Again Mr Akbaruddin Owisi and his henchmen {Mr Balal( MLA), Mansoor Awalgi (Corporater) and others} went to Pehlwan’s  house. Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi was waiting out side of the house of Mr. Pahelwan’s. His henchmen entered in to the house of
Pehelwan’s and started abusing the women folk of  Pehelwan’s “thumaare mardom, aap logonke saath so gaye tho  marad ban jaathe  hai
kya,  Akbar Saheb ke paas bhejo, marad banaake  bhejdethe hai…. Akbar Saaheb BAAHAR KHADA HAI JALDI AAVO BHOL DO… ”, and they left the place. Unable to bare these filthy comments on the women folk, Mr Ibrahim Yafai went to the area office of the MIM Party, taking this as
an opportunity the MIM leaders and others beat him seriously. When Ibrahim Yafai was grounded, his uncle came to the spot and stopped the
vehicle of MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi who was leaving the area office of the MIM Party after beating Mr. Ibrahim Yafai.

There were scuffle between the Pehelwans and Akbaruddin Owaisi and others. During this Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi fired on Ibrahim Yafai with
his weapon (we came to know this weapon is unauthorized weapon, his licensed weapon kept at home as per the commissioner of police,
Hyderabad statement). There was so much bleeding to Ibrahim Yafai,blood started to flow out of his wounds and Akbaruddin Owaisi clothes
were covered in blood. He was wearing a bullet proof jacket as an inner garment. Immediately Ibrahim Yafai, who was shot ran for some
distance and fell down. When Pehelwan’s relatives came to know of this incident, they reached the spot. The gunmen of Mr.Balala (MLA,
Malakpet) Mr. Janimiya  fired against the  Ibrahim Yafai’s  brothers–Awad Bin Younus Yafai and Abdullah Bin Younus Yafai  were
injured. Mr. Issa Bin Younus Yafai brother of Ibrahim Yafai was trying to stop this quarrel between the two groups. When the quarrel came to
an end, the uncle of Ibrahim Yafai himself sent Akbaruddin Owaisi to the hospital, thinking that he was injured. Subsequently they saw
their own man lying on the road who was fired by Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi and two persons were injured by the Gunmen of Mr. Balala, MLA. THESE THREE WERE TAKEN TO Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet, Hyderabad, where
Ibrahim Yafai was declared dead.

Further our enquiries revealed that the Pehelwans  went to Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA who was at the area’s MIM Party office only to
question them regarding filthy abuses to their women folk and not to fight with them, their intention was not to fight with MLA or others
as they went with out any arms. There was the marriage of two girls in the Pehalwan Family so they had no intention of quarrelling with
Akbaruddin Owaisi and others.Further they stated before the committee,  Mr. Balala  MLA of Malakpet Constituency  has  instructed his gunmen Mr. Janimiya to fired  at Mr. Afif Bin Younus Yafai  who was the brother of Ibrahim Yafai,  where as he did not confronted with any body and he tried to stop the quarrel between the two groups.

After this incident the MIM Leaders and their henchmen increased their harassments by creating false cases/complaints up on Pehelwan and
their people. Police also started to act according to the instructions of Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, MP(Hyderabad Constituency) and  MLA
Akbaruddin Owisi and creating an atmosphere of fear among the people of Chandrayangutta as well as within the Pehelwan people. Now the MIM Party seems to be in panic because of the lack of PARTY FUND, LOW VOTE BANK IN THE UP COMING ELECTIONS, they are unable to raise the party fund with out support of this people as well as police authorities.
Land grabbing, land settlements are also slowly going out from their clutches and are facing troubles to organize /conduct the area
meetings. This is all happening because the Pehelwans (and his supporters) left the MIM Party. So to maintain him to their fold the
MIM Party is resorted to make the police to register false cases against the pehelwan people. Except the police harassments there is no
other private harassment in that area.

Our committee revealed further that the local police, and local politicians want disturbances, false prosecutions to be always to keep
the people submissive, monitoring the benefits to the officials and politicians. This has become chronic in this area where the people are
helpless. No other political party is allowed in this area. (Even though most of the old city minorities are supporting Telangana State
to be formed) There is no approachable track to the government for the people of this area; as such there are constant harassments by the
TASK FORCE and others, causing suicide deaths in the old city.

One communist leader came to know the suicide death at old city due to the police harassment. The communist leader went to the deceased
house, but the MIM leaders and cadre beat him, he was injured. The government machinery particularly police department stand by as a

When Mr. A.K. Khan was appointed as the city Police commissioner it was hugely publicized as he was appointed by the M.I.M party and so
under his term the crime rate increased in these years. If the party wanted any work to be done it is said that he used to try and give to

There is a fashion in the government that the Junior most D.G.P rankers are appointed as the D.G.P instead of the Sincere and Senior
officers from the last ten years. It is heavily publicized that Mr.A.K. Khan to obtain the support of the M.I.M party for his appointment
as the D.G.P he used to support the party leaders even in their against public welfare activities. It is heavily publicized that
before the appointment of Mr. A.K. Khan I.P.S as the Commissioner unbiased towards his duty and after his appointment as the
commissioner he used his seat powerful instead of the duty and worked for the personal benefit of some political leaders. The people are
saying that due to his unethical behavior it is a black spot for the
Indian Police Service.

Prior to this, there was money lenders exploitation at old city. People of this area got rid of the Money Lenders with the help of
PUCL. Further the PUCL fought against the illegal grabbing of lands (Bhagamathi heritage), grabbing of houses by the then counselor of MIM
Party. But these MIM Party men protected him at that time. But, now the then counselor left from the MIM Party after counseling by the
then police authorities who were in charge of the south zone area. Unfortunately the then counselor facing harassments from MIM leaders
and Cadre and false prosecutions by the police, as the MIM Party lost the party fund and other benefits from them.

At present the atmosphere of the old city area is turning out to be normal, people of this area have engaged themselves to normal work, to
normal living and with this effect the residents of this area are in comfort where as political parties are in an un-satisfaction, why
because no one is coming forward to participate in GOONDA POLITICS or OWDYISM or BAD OUTFITS, which are assets of the so called political parties.

For instance, we can take sample example one Mr. Issa a business man who was once contributing all his earnings as the party fund to the
MIM Party, participation of party activities. He suffered, loss in his  business. As his family  members started to grow up.  This made him to
get distant from the Party and started working for him and his family instead for the party; it resulted in a great loss to the MIM Party.
The party opened a rival shop in front of his shop to put him to great loses, started police torture and passing threatenings. Unable to bear
this, the wife of Mr.  Issa approached the  Station House Officer, Chaderghat Police Station, Hyderabad through the media with a
complaint against the illegal acts of the MIM Party Leaders Mr.Akbaruddin Owaisi and others with the cooperation of the then
Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad.  She explained in detailed what agonies she is facing.  This reflects that the MIM Party attitudes are
visible in organizing vindictive acts, such as opening a very big new  diary farm against the existing prosperous diary farm whose management
doesn’t come under the MIM Leaders  Favors, and, also publishing a rivalry news paper against the existing popular news paper whose
management is independent in nature and do not want to them to be cowdowned.

Political party is dominating and dictating the terms as per their wishes and monopolizing the social order of this area as per their
whims and wishes. The disturbances in this area, mostly communal disturbances made political parties glorified when the peace is
maintained in this area according the wishes of masses became death knell to the political party of this area ( mostly communal issues
created by the  leaders of the concerned political parties with the internal understandings). The political party is not ready to accept
this atmosphere.

Earlier the trend of police performances was correlated with the needs and wishes of the MIM Party. Once the police was an instrument of MIM
Party now the modified trend is MIM Party leaders approaches police and police does it. It is, it might seems to be lesser evil now but
anyways it is evil.  This is the surviving reason which makes the people of this area unhappy.  That is reason when Ibrahim yafai was
murdered, the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police did not positively react, giving an impression among the people that MIM is only the BOSS

It is glaring  truth at that instance  when Akbaruddin  Owisi, MLA was admitted in the hospital he was wearing a bullet proof  jacket, his
body  does not receive any bullets except  his upper garments were wet with the blood of Ibrahim Yafai. This was  only publicized as
Akbaruddin Owisi MLA was injured and blood marks on his garments are of his own blood, where  as this is a lie which was publicized which
gained the sympathy  of people by MIM  Party  in Chandrayangutta Constituency as well as the entire old city. He did not have as
grievous injuries as it was publicized he had wounds on his legs and hands.

The Mohammed Pehelwan’s family members told that, we have two marriages in our family with in 20 days, how we will get time to
prepare a plan against Akbaruddin Owaisi. In many occasions Mr.Akbaruddin Owaisi and his father, brother and his associates attended
our occasions, how we will forget it. We all think that, there is no approachable way to the government; if we have any problem then we can
approach the government through the MIM Party itself. How we will loose that even though we have some disputes between us due to illegal
works done by the Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi and others with the support of Mr. A K Khan IPS. His illegal works increased in the last three years,
only because of Mr. A.K. Khan IPS.

We came to know that the party heads would physically eliminated those people who questioned them or those who keep on observation their
illegal activities against community. We further came to know the when a GOONDA, ROWDY, LAND GRABBER, MONEY LENDER, HOUSE GRABBER etc etcobeys the orders of the party heads then they do not come under the list of GOONDAS, ROWDIES, LAND GRABBER, ILLEGAL MONEY LENDER, HOUSE GRABBER etc etc and if they don’t obey the orders of the party headsthen by over night they are treat as GOONDAS, ROWDIES, LAND GRABBER,HOUSE GRABBER, ILLEGAL MONEY LENDER ect ect. Later the party heads
along with the police officials harass them.


1.     The incident took place on 30-04-2011, no action has beeninitiated  by the police regarding Murder of Ibrahim Yafai and bullet
injuries on Awad Bin Younus Yafai, and Abdullah Bin Younus Yafai.

2.     The Police refused to take the representations/ complaints of the deceased family members against Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA and

3.     The incident itself exposes that the police is instrument of the MIM Party.

4.     The incident of the quarrelling on the road attacks and counter
attacks were telecasted in local Urdu Channel repeatedly and
elaborately emphasizing the situation to make a people to think the
situation in a deeper gravity

5.     It is clear in the video clippings that M.L.A Akbaruddin Owaisi is shooting Ibrahim Yafai. Due to this firing Ibrahim Yafai died.

6.     When Akbrauddin Owaisi shot Ibrahim Yafai, the upper garments of Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi M.L.A was covered with the blood of Ibrahim
Yafai. This was hugely publicized as if Akbaruddin Owaisi was injured and the blood marks on his garments was of his own blood

7.     It is said all over the city that the incident that took place   on 30-04-2011 was done under the supervision of Mr.A.K. Khan I.P.S.

8.     It came to our view that for in the last three years the sake of personal benefits of some Political Leaders the communal riots and
political murders were done under the supervision of Mr. A.K. Khan I.P.S.

9.     Akbaruddin Owaisi was discharged from the hospital within a month and he came out from the hospital, drove his vehicle himself.

10.            Awadh Bin  Yafai and Abdulla Bin  Yafai  who also received bullet injuries along with Akbaruddin Owaisi, they recovered
after four-five months.

11.            The people of Barkas have expressed their doubts on the doctors and the Police officials, FACTS IS LIKE THIS but it was
exposed in a different way, why the government didn’t order enquiry by the High Court Judge or any other judge. Why it did not take any
action on this?

12.   We came to know that, there is an agreement between the M.I.M party and the Government. Due to this the Government is not taking any
action on the illegal activities.

13.       when GHMC authorities went to checking the illegal construction, the M.I.M, M.L.A fired rounds on the GHMC officials,
even though the government couldn’t take any action on the incident.

14.             On 30-04-2011, Akbaruddin Owaisi came to the Barkas area with an illegal motive and he didn’t bring the security with him
but he wore a bullet proof jacket. This was not covered anywhere, in any newspapers or any T.V channels.

15.            On 30-04-2011, when there was a road show (“Padha Yatra”) at the Chandrayangutta Constituency, why didn’t Mr. Akbaruddin
Owaisi, MLA bring his security along with him??

16.            Why did he go the house of Mohammad Pailwan who left the M.I.M party?? Why did he behave rudely with the women folk of
Mohammad Pailwan??

17.            Most of the illegal Money Lenders in the old city area are the supporters of the M.I.M party?

18.            They have been using the Old City area as a weapon to get their work done easily.

19.             From the last three years many people died in Hyderabad (Old City) and the surrounding areas. Why didn’t the
Government take a keen look over these deaths and their reasons?? As the Government is not taking a look at this the people are thinking
that the Government is wantedly avoiding the enquiry.

20.            When the leaders of other parties are coming to consolidate the people when some incidents occur, then the M.I.M party
men is attacking them. Even then the Government is staying calm and not looking over these incidents.

21.            A Gangster/Rowdy Sheeter was arrested and was put at the Chanchal Guda jail, he was released on Bail. The Police officials
were hiding outside the jail to arrest him in another case, but, the then M.L.A, Charminar (now he is MP) came there to pick him up in his
vehicle and went away. The Police waiting there couldn’t do anything but only be a spectator to this.

22.            The same Rowdy Sheeter when he has stopped his
activities to the M.I.M party and became a realtor dealing with the
lands around Bangalore and the surroundings. The M.I.M party didn’t
like this and opened his previous cases (for whom he done) and the
person is in jail now.

23.            The members who are working for the M.I.M party should
be the binami’s for their businesses and if they won’t agree to this
then they are suppressed by the iron foot.

24.            Ibrahim Yafai is not a rowdy sheeter and is not a
gangster, he belongs to an agricultural family. He took wrestling
training. He is a wrestler.

25.            The Government didn’t take any action against the
culprits who fired on Abdullah Yafai and Awadh Yafai till now.

26.             Why did Malakpet M.L.A come to Chandrayangutta on
30-04-2011?? There is many other M.L.As in the M.I.M party and why
they all didn’t come there??

27.            When the incident occurred on 30-04-2011, only Hassan
Bin Omar Yafai, Abdullah Bin Younus Yafai, Awadh Bin Younus Yafai,
Ibrahim Bin Younis Yafai were present. The complainant copy (F.I.R) is
showing names of these four members only. But in the remand case dairy
is showing names of fifteen members. There is no relevancy between FIR

28.             On 30-04-2011 the state ministry only consolidated
Akbaruddin owaisi and they didn’t care the other group people who were
in a critical condition. When the P.U.C.L team took this matter to the
Governement they said that the M.I.M party is a part of the government
so they consolidated Akbaruddin Owaisi. How it is secured to the GREAT

29.             The M.I.M party is viewing/considering Hyderabad
specially the old city separately, and they are considering the old
city as an area of their desires.  They are separating the area from
the civil society and using the area for their works.

30.            when the communal riots take place in the Old city,
there wasn’t a single case filed on the Political Leaders who are
strongly established their views. The police are opening rowdy sheets
on the common people instead of leaders. Some parties consider that if
there are no communal riots then there is no recognition for them, so
they start and create communal riots, the police officials know this,
but they register cases on the innocent people.

31.            Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi being a responsible people’s
representative he made provoking speeches, the Police officials were
only spectators on this, due to this, when the communal riots arise
between Hindus and Muslims, police authorities  didn’t open a communal
rowdy sheet on him  instead opened rowdy sheets on innocent people.

32.            There is the influence of Political Leaders behind
every Police Harassment and riots in the Old City.

33.            There is difficult livelihood in Old City. The People
there don’t have any work to do and living in small huts in large
number (around 10-15 members). No Political party is taking care of
them or implementing any welfare activities for the upliftment of the

34.       When Mr. Balala MLA performed marriage of his sister’s
daughter with Mr. Asaduddin Owisi, MP  as a second wife, with their
collusion increased illegal works like grabbing lands, money lending,
creating business competition between two groups, passing threats to
innocent people who questions them.

35.         On this relationship Mr. Balala MLA, went to
Chandrayangutta constituency on 30-04-2011 and insulted Mohammed
Pehelwan’s women folk and their family members. Due to this behavior
of them the incident occurred and innocent Ibrahim Yafai was killed,
the national medalist.

36.From last three years crime rate is increased like communal rites,
gang war between two groups, murders, robberies, political murders
etc. what is the main motive behind this ?? Till today the government
didn’t order a proper enquiry on this.

37.             In old city, if any female girl is ready to go higher
education, immediately the leaders of the MIM Party call their parents
and questioned and force them saying that why are you spending this
much of amounts on female, today nor tomorrow she has to go. So, you
put this amount on business or some other works. The parent
compulsorily obey their words other wise the parents should face
tortures from them in all possible ways

38. Investigation Officer failed to see behind the incident, what
is the    real conspiracy on 30-04-2011. The officer investigation is
showing there must be pressure/ignorance/negligence on them and it
appeared as routine investigation.

39.            In the investigation—prior to 30-04-2011, the Mohemmad
Pehelwan and others prepared a plan on 14-04-2011 to murder Mr.
Akbaruddin Owaisi. If it is really true, Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi is not a
normal man. He is a VIP and one forced group left from the MIM Party
due to illegal activities of Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA, and his
associates. If it so why couldn’t the intelligent department get
information on this??

40.            When we met the Home Minister she said that she would
talk to the D.G.P and will order action on the real criminals who are
involved in the murder of Ibrahim Yafai.

41.            When we met the C.P of Hyderabad and D.C.P of South
zone they said that they knew the incident but they don’t know the
real facts and they promised Ibrahim Yafai’s mother that they would
enquire on this and take the necessary action against the real

42.            When we met Chief Secretary on 06-06-2011, he expressed
his inability on the situation of the old city. Further he stated
that, that is political issue. We will suggest if it is administrative

43.            From many decades MIM have a hold on the old city, but
there has been no development in the Socio, Economic and Political
fields. The old city people are living IN PATHETIC CONDITIONS. No one
is bothered about this. All the leaders want this situation only so
that the business can grow easily on this.

44.            The people’s opinion is that in Rayalseema the
politicians threaten the innocent people by the faction politics to
cast their vote for them and for power and in the old city they use
Goonda Politics to threaten the common people for their vote and power

45.            All Wakf properties are used for their personal
benefit. This is also damaging the vote bank of MIM Party. So the
leaders of the MIM Party are increasing muscle power on innocent
public to hold the vote bank. This is very bad on the part of the
Political party.

46.            The M.I.M party is losing faith of the public due to
the steps they are taking against the public welfare. So,  they are
maintaining groups of rowdies, looters etc and creating quarrels
between them, so that the rowdies and others are killed in the NAME OF
land settlements and other settlements among them selves or by the

47.  This is only because they being the assets of the party and
when they want to live peaceful life they are eliminating them through
these means.

48.            There is a high level of publicity that Mr. A.K. Khan
I.P.S is behind this entire whole episode.


1.      To register Immediately a case against Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi, MLA and others on the murder of Ibrahim Yafai and others in the entire
Old City.

2.     To form Three men Enquiry Commission by the sitting judge of High Court against the situation of the old city.

3.     To prosecute Mr. A K Khan IPS who was responsible in the issue deviation on 30-04-2012 and to enquire on the factors behind the
increase in crime rate in his term.

4.     To seize all properties which are under the binami names of Mr. Akbaruddin Owisi, MLA from since he became an M.L.A.

5.     To order Re-investigation on the incident of 30-04-2012

6. To order for enquiry on carrying of illegal weapons by the Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA.

7.  To order protection to the family of Mohammad Pailwan and others.


The Government at least now should open their eyes and it should take action on the people who are following/doing unconstitutional methods.
The Government and the Government Machinery should work under the area of constitution itself. It should give importance to the people’s
Human Rights. The Government should punish the real criminals under the constitution, then only the people will have faith on the
government. And the people will start respecting you. Then only the people will repeatedly elect you as their rights protector.

for more information

Jaya Vindhyala, President, PUCL, AP
ASLAM, Joint Secretary, PUCL, AP
#16-8-908/7, Malakpet X Road,
Hyderabad, AP, INDIA
#09440430263 & 040-24414736