The police have arrested 25 drivers in connection with the violence that erupted at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Navi Mumbai on Sunday evening. According to the police, a protesting mob of drivers and cleaners started pelting stones and had even set ablaze a police vehicle after waiting for several hours to deliver their respective cargo.

The truck drivers were stranded as their vehicles were stuck up due to ongoing strike by special crane operators, in JNPT, Navi Mumbai, police said.

“The violence was a result of an ongoing ‘slowdown strike’ that began on Saturday by crane operators at one of the three ports, Gateway Terminal of India, which severely hampered the freight movements. Around 4 pm, the drivers got very violent as some even had to wait for nearly two days to complete a two-kilometre stretch,” said Sanjay Yenpure, zonal deputy commissioner of police, Navi Mumbai.
“The drivers also ransacked the Port Users Building police chowky on JNPT road and burnt its belongings. The divisional assistant commissioner of police was injured in the incident,” said Rajesh Devare, senior police inspector with the Nhava Sheva police.

According to senior police officials, nearly 250 police personnel were rushed to contain the situation, which lasted for nearly an hour. Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner K L Prasad also rushed to the spot.

“Apart from the local police, additional forces from the Riot Police, the State Reserve Police Force and the Striking Force were also sent. Currently, 180-odd police personnel are deployed as a precaution. The 25 drivers did not belong to a particular a union. They have been booked for rioting, unlawful assembly and arson. The negotiations with the crane employees is still under way,” Yenpure added. A senior police officer said that though the clashes had paralysed traffic around the JNPT area on Sunday, vehicular movement was restored for all ports.

Asked whether the “slowdown strike” had been called off, Yenpure said, “Negotiations are still under way. The crane operators had been demanding for an increase in salary for nine months but no one has paid heed to their requests yet.”

सत्य-शोधन टीम का उद्देश्य:

  •   रठववार, १८ जनवरी २०१५ को न्हावा-शेवा इलाके के गेटवे टठमटनल ऑफ़ इठं िया बदं रगाह के बाहर हई घटना के बारे में सबं ठं धत मजदरों से जानकारी हाठसल करना;
  •   ड्रायवरों के काम के हालात के बारे में बदं रगाह मजदर और यठनयनों से जानकारी हाठसल करना;
  •   १८जनवरीकीघटनामेंCISFऔरबदंरगाहअठधकाररयोंकीभठमकाकोबंदरगाहकामकाजके(ठबज़नेसऑपरेशनके) सन्दभट में समझना;
  •   पठलसअठधकारीयोंसेठमलकर‘ड्रायवरोंकेदगंा-फसाद/आक्रोश’केबारेमेंजानकारीठनकालना;पठलसनेकौनसेतरीके इस्तेमाल ठकये और क्यों, यह जानना;
  •   ठगरफ्तार और ज़ख्मी ड्रायवरों से ठमलना; और
  •   JNPT इलाके में काम करनेवाले अन्य ड्रायवरों से ठमलकर १८ से २१ जनवरी २०१५ तक के हालात को जानना.


१८ जनवरी २०१५ को JNPT इलाके में क्या हुआ?


JNPT FFT report – hindi