Dear Arnab Goswami, Rahul Shivshankar, Rahul Kanwal, Gaurav Sawant, Shiv Aroor and assorted ‘journalists’, here are some facts of the Ishrat Jahaan encounter.

1) The ballistics report said that the cartridges don’t match the gun.

Here’s an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat which tells you the story of the bullets and cartridges that were recovered.

Para 8.4: Eight empty cartridge cases of 9mm ammunition recovered from the Indica car do not match with the two pistols recovered from the Indica car. These empties of 9 mm do not also match with the two police weapons of 9 mm caliber used in the encounter. This shows the police version of hearing gunshots from inside the Indica car is untrue, and also there is some fabrication to justify the FIR theory.

2) The forensics report by the forensics lab in Gandhinagar, few kms away from CM’s bungalow, said that the yellow powder found in the trunk of the car was non-explosive in nature.

Here’s an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat.

Para 8.5: A gunny bag containing 17 kg of yellow powder was seized from the Indica car. It was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by the DFS (Directorate of Forensic Science), Gandhinagar and the Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, Vadodra and it was subsequently opined that the subject chemical mixture is not an explosive mixture.

3) The bullet trajectories were all in downward direction matching close range firing with only a single bullet in upward direction. Gujarat Police’s claim was that they were firing from the side of the road in a lying position.

Here’s an extract from the FIR (bearing no. DCB PS I CR No. 8 of 2004) filed by the SIT team that was constituted by the High Court of Gujarat.

According to the Police FIR version undersigned by Mr Singhal himself, Shri Singhal’s team and Shri Amin’s team were at 66 feet and 33 feet respectively from the Indica car. Shri Singhal’s team (66 feet away) was positioned in depressed land and Shri Amin’s team (33 feet away) had taken lying position behind the Maruti Gypsy. If at all, the bulk of police firing was from these positions, the firing trajectories from such positions on the Indica car would have an upward angle. However there is only one entry hole in the Indica car with an upward trajectory and that bullet could not have hit any of the occupants.

Further more:

All other bullet entry holes on the Indica car show downwardly inclined trajectories at 5 to 10 degrees downward angle, which are possible only from a position much near the Indica car.

I extend an open invitation to all the ‘journalists’ to come to Ahmedabad so that I can show you the location of the encounter in Ahmedabad. This will also give you an opportunity to step out of your ‘news’ studio.

4) Since you’ve been shouting about affidavits, there’s also a sting phone call between accused GL Singhal and former accused PP Pandey, both senior IPS officers of Gujarat cadre, where they discuss how High Court judgeship could be offered to one Advocate Abhichandani if the affidavit which shows Ishrat as a terrorist is filed. If there was so much truth in the affidavit you’ve been dancing upon, why offer judgeship to a advocate for merely filing an affidavit? Here’s the english transcript of the call.

G.L. Singhal: Sir, Namaskar
P.P. Pandey: Are you in meeting?
G.L. Singhal: Yes Sir, Now I have come out.
P.P. Pandey: That order for Abhichandani is done?
G.L. Singhal: Ji, Ji, Sir
P.P. Pandey: Tomorrow, some one is coming ,Under Secretary from Delhi, for signing affidavit.
G.L. Singhal: Right, Right, Sir, Right Sir
P.P. Pandey: Tell Abhichandani, if he does properly, we may try to make him High Court Judge.
G.L. Singhal: Right, Right, Sir, will explain – Ji, ji Sir. I will explain him. I have understood.

The soundcloud link to the audio conversation is available here:

5) Here’s a picture of the AK47 Magazines that were recovered from the car. Do you see how spotless and squeaky clean they are while rest of the car is bathed in blood? The blood somehow magically missed the magazines, right?

AK56 Magazines Planted in the Indica Car

AK56 Magazines Planted in the Indica Car

Those who aren’t driven by an agenda would logically conclude that the magazines were planted. Not sure about you ‘journalists’ though.


So if bullets don’t match the gun, explosives are non-explosive, how do you reckon Ishrat and 3 others were going to kill the great Narendra Modi? Probably make him sit through an episode of News Hour?

Do come to Ahmedabad, my mother and I can host you all ‘journalists’ and show you the entire list of phone call records besides taking you to the spot of the encounter.