Vasudha Venugopal
New Delhi

“He had to dress up like a commando for his hearing where there were 200 policemen. Imagine the threat on the street,“ a worried Manikanth Singh, Kanhaiya’s 37 year old brother, who is camping in the capital with six of his relatives, said on Thursday , even as he surfed through TV channels, waiting for a news flash on his brother, the JNU student union president, who was granted bail on Wednesday .
Standing next to Manikanth were lawyers who were telling him details about the bail bond that they were hastily preparing to submit at the Patiala house court to initiate the process of Kanhaiya’s release. Manikanth, however, insisted first a letter be written to the court requesting for protection for his brother.

Expressing concerns over Kanhaiya’s safety , Manikant told ET: “I have a feeling the lawyers who attacked him at the court and all those who tried their best with doctored videos to trap him will be angry now. Some lawyers have already given interviews to TV saying they will harm him. They might just do that considering that he has been proved innocent.“

“Till he was in jail, we were assured that he is safe. The police was specially told to be careful about his safety. Now (after release) there is more worry,“ he added.

Unfortunately , Manikanth and other re latives, who had been camping in New Delhi for the last few days, could not witness Kanhaiya getting released from jail as when Kanhaiya was released around 6:30 pm, they were on their way to New Delhi railway station to catch train at 8 pm.

Manikanth is a factory worker in Assam on leave, Kanhaiya’s old uncle did not have his medicines here which had led his health to deteriorate in the last few days, was why they were going back even without meeting Kanhaiya after his release, Manikanth said.

Pictures of Kanhaiya being attacked by lawyers at Patiala house had prompted Kanhaiya’s mother to urge Manikanth and his uncle to come to Delhi to ensure he was fine. On Wednesday , after the announcement of his bail, Manikanth called his mother. She cried in joy after hearing the news. “I have told Kanhaiya to call her as soon as he gets out but knowing how involved he is in his work, I think he will do that only later,“ Manikanth said.