Farm Laws: Bhupinder Singh Mann Recuses Himself From SC-Appointed Committee

Farmer and Union leader Bhupinder Singh Mann, one of the four members of the Supreme Court-appointed committee on farm laws, recused himself from the panel on Thursday.

Mann gave this information on Twitter and wrote, “As a farmer myself and a Union leader, in view of the prevailing statements and apprehensions amongst the farm unions and the public in general, I am ready to sacrifice any position offered or given to me so as to not compromised the interests of Punjab and farmers of the country, I am recusing myself from the committee and I will always stand with farmers and Punjab


The Supreme Court venturing into uncharted territory on Tuesday stayed the centre’s contentious laws and formed a four-member panel to resolve the impasse, but farmers and experts say the members of the committee have publicly supported the laws and there is clearly a conflict of interest.