Our fact finding team talked with the villagers of Choto Madhusudan and Ghochabari village under Sitalkuchi Police Station, District-Cooch Behar, West Bengal.  It is revealed during the fact finding that both the villages Choto Madhusudan and Ghochabari are located near Indo-Bangladesh border. The said area falls under the jurisdiction of Chotomadhusudan BOP-BSF, Company-D, Battalion-34. The Border Security Force installed border fencing by barbed wires which run through both the villages.  Reportedly in many places under the said villages fencing was done about one and half kilometers inside the villages from the actual border line leaving about 1000 to 1200 Bighas of lands of this area under the Indian Territory beyond the fencing.

Most of the said lands are owned by the villagers and they are dependent upon the lands for cultivation which is the main source of their livelihood. There are numbers of gates through which the villagers pass for entry and exit into the lands situated beyond the fencing. The villagers of Chhoto Madhusudan and Ghochabari alleged that they face various whimsical norms and dictums from Border Security Force for ingress and egress in their farming lands beyond the fencing. They stated they are forbidden by Border Security Force not to cultivate jute and corn though those are commonly grown plants by the villagers.

Even the Border security Force personnel cut down trees and crop in the lands according to their whims. The gates installed in the fencing remain open from 7am to 9am, 12 o’clock to 1 pm and 4pm to 5pm every day. Except the said timings, the villagers can not enter or exit from the lands beyond the fencing even during emergency situations. The BSF jawans posted at the gates do not open the gates on the excuse that the keys are taken to the camp. The farmers are being instructed by BSF to take fertilizers mixed with soil to the farming lands.  Even the farmers are not allowed to take more than two cattle into the farming lands beyond the fencing which is below the requirement of the farmers.

Moreover the farmers are forced to sign on blank paper and also on a register book maintained by BSF at the time of entry into their lands. The Border Security Force personnel took forcible possession of the rooms and use them for their own purpose, though the rooms were erected by the government for the purpose of rest of the farmers on the border road. On slightest fault, the villagers are being assaulted physically and verbally (slang) by the Border Security Force personnel. They are assaulted and kept standing on the border for hours under the sun. Several times, the villagers tried to bring attention of the administration to above stated problems, but in vain. On 13.10.2015, the villagers submitted written complaint before the District Magistrate, Cooch Behar stating the above stated problems but there is no response till date.


The above mentioned facts and circumstances show that there is diabolical recurrence of torture perpetrated by Border Security Force in the bordering areas of Choto Madhusudan and Ghochabari village under Sitalkuchi Police Station, District-Cooch Behar, West Bengal resulted in a terrible scare in the minds of the villagers residing there. The villagers had to abide by the various silly norms and rules of Border Security Force and slightest violation resulted into brutal physical assault and harassment of the villagers. The poor marginalized villagers of Choto Madhusudan and Ghochabari village under Sitalkuchi Police Station, District-Cooch Behar, mostly bear the brunt of BSF torture in the bordering areas whether they are involved with crime or not. The right to life and the right to livelihood of the villagers as enshrined in the Article 21 of the Constitution of India have been grossly violated due to the atrocities and torturous activities carried out by BSF in the name of safeguarding the country.


Hence we seek your urgent intervention in this matter in the following manner:-


  • Secure the life and livelihood of the poor villagers of Choto Madhusudan and Ghochabari village under Sitalkuchi Police Station, District-Cooch Behar, West Bengal from the gruesome atrocities inflicted upon them by the Border Security Force.
  • The whimsical and outrageous dictums of BSF must be overruled.
  • The guilty Border Security Force personnel must be booked under the law for their alleged act of atrocities and torture upon the poor villagers.
  • The victims must be provided adequate compensation and protection to their life and livelihood.


Thanking You

Yours truly




Kirity Roy

Secretary, MASUM


National Convener, PACTI



List of the farmers/cultivators having their agricultural lands adjoining to the Indo-Bangladesh Border under Ghochabari Choto Madhusudan villages, Police Station-Sitalkuchi, District-Cooch Behar, West Bengal

Sl NoNameFather’s/Husband’s NameKhatian NoDag No
1Jogesh BarmanGajen Barman (Father)11/11R
2Gajen BarmanLt. Khoka Barman (Father)438/111/1958
3Rajkumari BarmanGajen Barman (Husband)438958
4Saiba BarmanJogesh Barman (Husband)438958
5Kamal BarmanKhagin Barman (Fater)02962/1
6Anibala BarmanKamal Barman (Husband)02962/1
7Bimal BaishyaSatish Baishya (Father)25970, 974
8Ratanbala BaishyaBimal Baishya (Husband)25970, 974
9Tapan BaishyaBimal Baishya (Father)25970, 974
10Swapan BaishyaBimal Baishya (Father)25970, 974
11Rameswar BarmanLt. Terpu Barman (Father)10/14929
12Sindubala BarmanRameswar Barman (Husband)10/14929
13Saptajit BarmanRameswar Barman (Father)10/14929
14Parul BarmanSaptajit Barman (Husband)10/14929
15Jagdish BarmanJatish Barman (Father)1094
16Nirada Barmanjatish Barman (Husband)1094
17Biren BarmanKhoka Barman (Father)1218
18Basanti BarmanBiren Barman (Husband)1218
19Tapan BarmanBiren Barman (Father)1218
20Swapan BarmanBiren Barman ( Father)1218
21Chobi BarmanTapan Barman (Husband)1218
22Bhaben SilLt. Suren Sil (Father)02962, 418
23Dinamoni silBhaben Sil (Husband)02962
24Sudeb SilBhaben Sil (Father)02962
25Madan SilLt. Suren Sil (Father)02962/3
26Kesab SilMadan Sil (Father)02949, 962
27Madab SilMadan Sil (Father)22/15418/949, 418
28Gajendra Sil SharmaSuren Sil (Father)2.038,39,40
29Krishna Kanta Sil SharmaGajen Sil Sharma2.038,39,40
30Bishnu Sil SharmaGajen Sil Sharma2.038,39,40
31Fuleswari BarmanLt. Nilkanta Barman (Husband1218
32Sukdhan BarmanLt. Nilkanta Barman (Father)1218
33Jayanti BarmanSukdhan Barman (Husband)1218
34Jayanta BarmanSukdhan Barman (Father)1218
35Krishna BarmanLt. Nilkanta Barman (Father)1218
36Sujata BarmanKrishna Barman (Husband)1218
37Dipu BarmanLt. Nilkanta Barman (Father)1218
38Sumitra BarmanLt. Nilkanta Barman (Husband)1218
39Abdul Samad BasuniaLt. Nasiruddin Basunia (Father)411968, 969, 971, 973, 974, 984, 985
40Nabiur Rahaman BasuniaAbdul Samad Basunia (Father) 411 968, 969, 971, 973, 974, 984, 985
41Habibur Rahaman BasuniaAbdul Samad Basunia (Father)  968, 969, 971, 973, 974, 984, 985
42Mehebur Rahaman BasuniaAbdul Samad Basunia (Father)  968, 969, 971, 973, 974, 984, 985
43Alamgir Rahaman BasuniaAbdul Samad Basunia (Father)  968, 969, 971, 973, 974, 984, 985
44Latifa BasuniaAbdul Samad Basunia (Husband)  968, 969, 971, 973, 974, 984, 985
45Enamul MiaLt. Kachimuddin Mia (Father)461405, 1406
46Sakina BibiEnamul Mia (Husband)461405, 1406
47Abdul Ajit MiaLt. Kachimuddin Mia (Father)1902517
48Jyotsna BibiAbdul Ajit Mia (Husband)126257
49Abul Hossain BasuniaLt. Jasiruddin Basunia (Father)54, 78804, 329
50Mostafijur BasuniaAbul Hossain Basunia (Father)54, 78804, 329
51Asraful BasuniaAbul Hossain Basunia (Father)54, 78804, 329
52Ajijur MiaLt. Soleman Mia (Father)24, 25, 57858, 1095
53Nur Islam MiaLt. Soleman Mia (Father)24, 25, 57858, 1095
54Bablu MiaLt. Soleman Mia (Father)24, 25, 57858, 1095
55Pulinl BarmanLt. Bhabendra Barman (Father)14990
56Basanti BarmanPulin Barman (Husband)14990
57Biswaajit BarmanPulin Barman (Father)14990
58Suknal BarmanLt. Bhabendra Barman (Father)10/14929
59Malati BarmanSuknal Barman (Husband)10/14929
60Manoara BegamLt. Kahar Mia (Father)2/953
61Kapil MiaKahar Mia (Father)1/953/14/54
62Abetan BibiKapil Mia (Husband)1/953/14/54
63Chatish BarmanKamakhya Barman (Father)7673/12/46
64Telani BarmanChatis Barman (Husband)7673/12/46
65Parimal BarmanChatish Barman (Fatheer)7673/12/46
66Bipul BarmanChatish Barman (Fatheer)7673/12/46
67Padhan BarmanKekar Barman (Father)2441/8
68Kunti BarmanPadhan Barman (Husband02441/8
69Sushil BarmanKala Barman (Father)23/741
70Pradip BarmanSushil Barman (Fatheer)23/741
71Dilip BarmanSushil Barman (Fatheer)23/741
72RanubalaSushil Barman (Husband)23/741
73Bhedu MiaPasaruddin848/49
74Nilifa BibiBhedu Mia (Husband)846/49
75Sajitan BibiBhedu Mia (Husband)846/49
76Gafur MiaPasaruddin846/49
77Mouli BibiGafur846/49
79Rojina BibiSaidul (Husband)846/49
80Sablu Mia 846/49
81Samach BibiSablu Mia (Husband)846/49
82Samchul MiaSablu846/49
83Abul MiaPasaruddin846/49
84Nabia BibiAbul (Husband)846/49
85Umar AliTachir Mia7.946/40
86Mamata BibiUmar Ali (Husband)7.946/40
87Samtulla MiaTachir Mia (Father)23418
88Ajhila BibiSamtulla Mia (Husband)237.9
89Gamesh BarmanUpen Barman8/2/7/24137/65/76
90Cheradini BarmanGamesh Barman (Husband)8/2/7/24137/65/76
91Santi BalaGamesh Barman (Husband)8/2/7/24137/65/76
92Dhirendra BarmanLt. Narendra Barman (Fatheer)8157/72
93Minati BarmanDhirendra Barman (Husband)8157/72
94Kumabala BarmanLt. Narendra Barman (Husband)8157/72
95Fajal RahamanKahar Mia (Father)946
96Alima BibiFajal Rahaman (Husband)946
97Kapil MiaKahar Mia (Father)946
98Abetan BibiKapil Mia (Husband)946
99Karim BadshaKahar Mia (Father)946
100Rabbana BibiKarim Badsha946
101Brogendra Nath BarmanBhabendra Barman (Father)2485/11/76/11
102Jyotsna BarmanBrogendra Nath Barman (Husband)`2485/11/76/11
103Kumo Bala BarmanBhabendra Barman ( Husband)2485/11/76/11
104Makbul MiaFakar Ali 315
105Chatima BibiMakbul Mia (Husband) 315
106Sahinur MiaAbdul Karim (Father)4760.333, 0.2388
107Mariom BibiSahinur Mia (Husband)430.6667
108Abdul KarimPasaruddin1218
109Gafur MiaPasaruddin12/854/57/59
110Mouli BibiGafur Mia (Husband)12/846/47/48
111SahidulGafur Mia (Husband)12/846/47/48
112Rejina BibiSahidul12/846/47/48
113Kalidas BarmanHaralal Barman (Father)7/857/8, 59/12, 44/91
114Anita BarmanKalidas Barman (Husband)7/857/8, 59/12, 44/91


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