Two days after the Fort-based Government Dental College approached the cops against an anonymously uploaded Facebook page, the Cyber Crime Cell said on Saturday that it receives at least three such complaints every day

Jyoti.Shelar , Mumbai Mirror

TwodaysaftertheGovernment Dental College (GDC) dean filed a police complaint regarding an anonymously uploaded Facebook page, ‘GDC Mumbai Confessions’, that contained obscene comments on female students and criticism of the teachers, the Cyber Crime Cell said on Saturday that at least five more colleges have been at the receiving end of abusive online ‘confessions’.
The college ‘confessions pages’ have become a raging trend online over the past three months, and the anonymous revelations discuss substance abuse, love affairs on the campuses, disinterest in academics, difficultyinapproachingtheoppositesex andderogatoryremarksontheteachers and the college management.
Mumbai Mirror had reported on Saturday the complaint filed by Dr Mansing Pawar, dean of the Fortbased Government Dental College (Abusive,sexistFBpageondentalcollege leads to police complaint).
While the page largely contained obscene comments on the female students, it also made fun of some of theteachersandthedeanaswell.One comment mentioned how a particular teacher couldn’t speak English, while another post said the dean was only interested in installing tiles on the campus and ignored problems such as staff shortage.
In a first-ever crackdown on the abusive confession pages, the Cyber Crime Cell issued notices to the administrators of confession pages of five colleges over the past week, asking them to remove the objectionable content. Sources said the confession pages of Mulund-based Holy Angels High School and Junior College, and Jai Hind College, Churchgate were amongst those that are being monitored by the cops.
Senior Inspector Nandkishore More from the Cyber Crime Cell said, “We have been getting at least three complaints daily against these confession pages for the past several months. The local police stations are flooded with complaints as well. Notices have been sent to five administrators.”
Moresaidtheadministratorswere beingpulledupfornotbeingvigilant. “The investigations have revealed that each post is uploaded through a particular link generated on the page. Each confession has to be approved by the administrator/moderator before it goes online. It is the administrators’jobtoensuredefamatorycontent doesn’t get uploaded,” he said.
While the cops said no abusive content will be allowed on the confession pages, the concept has divided the netizens and experts in human behaviour.
Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty said suchforums,whicharesoeasytomisuse,candamagethesociety.“Itcanbe a torture for those named, especially women who are easy targets on such forums,” he said.
Dr Akash Akinwar, a gum surgeon from Government Dental College, who was maligned on the ‘GDC MumbaiConfessions’page,calledfor aban on anonymous posts. “Nobody has the right to insult or abuse anyone,” he said.
On the other hand, Sonali Patankar from Responsible Netism, a movement initiated by Ahaan Foundation, said banning confession pages would ‘never work’. She said, “Banning such pages will give rise to other platforms.However,peoplecertainly need to know the consequences of irresponsible online behaviour.”
Rupa Roy, principal of a wellknown school in central Mumbai, said confession pages should be supervised better instead of being banned.
She said, “My school has a confession page which my colleagues and I scan through regularly. In fact, one of the teachers is also on the group. The aim is to maintain a page that is funny, but not derogatory or abusive.” WHAT ARE COLLEGE ‘CONFESSION’ PAGES 
Confessional pages have become a trend on Facebook and other social network sites. Most colleges have confession pages that are administered by students themselves. Normally, Facebook requires users to provide their names or handles, but a confession may be posted anonymously and only the administrator of the page will know the identity of the person uploading the post.
Besides the common problems faced by the students, confession pages talk about substance abuse, disinterest in academics, placements, and difficulty in approaching the opposite sex. Often, the ‘confessions’ brag about love affairs or indulge in abusing women students and teachers.THE CONFESSIONS 
Indian Education Society ‘Confessions’
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Balmohan Vidyamandit (BMVM) ‘Confessions’
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Confession pages of two city based colleges that have come up on the cops’ radar