Directed by-Vijaya Kumar

Produced by : Jagruti ( )

Duration :23 mins

Language:Kannada with English subtitles.

Synopsis of Guna Mukhi 

GUNA MUKHI, reconstructs the narrative of how a dalit women’s collective in a small village in Belgaum district.Karnataka, defied class, caste and gender barriers and rose up against the failing public health system.

The film draws from the rich and first hand experiences of the village women who, with the support of various village level peoples’ organizations and activists, stake claim to their health entitlements.

The film concludes by asserting the importance of people’s struggles in creating a functional, responsive, people-centric health care systems and in the larger context of holding the State accountable for its duties and responsibilities towards its citizens.

This film was one of the outcomes of the efforts to address the issue of health as a human right and taking forward the issue of revitalizing the public health system by various state and national level networks and activists.

Karnataka state unit of the People’s Health Movement(JAA-K) screened this film extensively to intensify their Health as a Human Right campaign. It was used in various training programs for health activists who found the film inspiring and drew ideas from it to carry out similar actions to get their local government health centers functioning.