Is the first time that this device produces the reported arrest of a man.

Late last year the Metropolitan Police gave thirty panic buttons to residents of the city. Most women who had reported their partners on threats and violence against women. Yesterday, one of these women, terrified because her former partner went to his home despite the ban, he activated the button. The police reacted.And man thus became the first detainee with this new system.

The woman, aged about 30, had complained to the judge Carla Cavalieri had repeatedly received threats from her former partner. Thus, for 20 days, the judge ordered him to hand over the button. Yesterday morning, she saw the man lurking in your house at Vespucci, in Barry.Then hit the button. The signal was received at the Monitoring Centre, which ordered the transfer of a patrol of the Commune 4. “The woman had called her sister. Upon arrival police his brother was fighting with this man, “he told Clarin Deputy Chief of the Metropolitan Police, Ricardo Pedace. The man was a judge correctional 7, Walter Candela. Pedace explained that the Metropolitan has 30 panic buttons for judges and prosecutors from the Justice Buenos Aires in cases of gender violence and threats.

On 8 March, International Women’s Day, the Municipality of Tigre introduced Warning Device for Abused Women (DAMA). The 50 women were reported and have an injunction restraining the aggressor. The device is in contact with the Operations Center Tigre and the police.

Gender violence is increasing steadily. Last year at least 238 women were killed, most by their partners. And buried them, 284 children lost their mother. According to the Office of Domestic Violence, which depends on the Supreme Court, complaints increased 40% over the past two years. Psychological abuse is the most reported. And most of the perpetrators are former partners.