• Nov 10th, Kolkata

In yet another shameful incident, this time in Kolkata, a girl from Class 1 was allegedly molested last Monday in a school bus by the bus driver.

Representational image. Reuters

According to TV reports, the incident happened when the school children were being taken for rehearsal for a cultural activity in another school. No action was taken by the school authorities for a week even after the parents complained to them about the incident right after it took place.

A group of concerned parents on Monday are staging a protest outside the school against the inaction by school authorities. Local police have reached the spot and are trying to control the situation as the protesters demand action against the culprit and apathetic school authorities.

Neither the Principal nor Vice Principal has talked so far to the media or the protesters.

One of the protesters told Times Now, “When we went and spoke to the school authorities about the incident, they denied the incident having occurred at all. We’re not getting any help from the authorities. The school authorities are trying to suppress this incident.”

The parents have also filed a formal complaint with the police and police investigation is underway.

This incident comes after a four-year-old nursery student was allegedly molested by a youth in the school premises in Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, a little more than a week ago, a two-year-old girl child was allegedly molested on 2 Novermber at a playground in Bangalore. On 28 and 29 October, a six-year-old had been allegedly raped twice in school premises in Bangalore.

(With agency inputs)