AMRITSAR: To facilitate interaction between students of India and  Pakistan aiming to dispel prevailing misunderstandings between people of two nations especially the youth, an Indo-Pak joint forum, Aaghaz-e-Dosti held its first “Indo-Pak Classroom Connect” programme by connecting the grade 7 classroom of Ecole Mondiale World School (Mumbai) and Government Girls’ Secondary School (Gizri, Karachi) through video conference.

Karachi co-ordinator, Aaghaz-e-Dosti Suraiya Islam informed TOI on Saturday that the students interacted with each other over different issues. The students talked about culture, cuisine and Bollywood. “Indian students asked questions to their Pakistani counterparts ​like​ “How is Karachi?”, “How are people in Karachi?”, “What is your favorite food”, similarly Pakistani students were curious to know about Indian culture and Bollywood, pani puri etc,” she said.

The students also discussed their history textbooks and tried to know the reason for partition. Students of both India and Pakistan shared what they ha​d​ studied. Another student from Karachi discussed on ​need to ​stop the killing of soldiers and to resolve the problems between two countries, she added

The students also discussed about the recent controversy around Indo-Pak cricket series. “Students on both sides agreed that political situation should not affect cricket,” she pointed out.

The session ended with students exchanging their hope for an everlasting peace and commitment that they will play a role to realise it.

“Knowledge on both sides is quite limited when it comes to knowing each other so this was a great opportunity for the students to learn that people across the border are just like us. This session was not just informative but had the students to engage, discuss with each other on some more critical issues like that of the recent cricket controversy and even about the history textbooks. The students really enjoyed this interaction with their peers in India. Some of them even said that I wish we could go inside the laptop and reach India,” said Suraiya Islam, ​t​eacher at Government Girls’ Secondary School (Karachi). ​