The BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate is all over the media staking claim to the top job of the country primarily citing his ‘superior’ governance of Gujarat as the foundation of his claim. What comes in his way of course is the great debacle of 2002, which he wants to cover up by the massive propaganda of his ‘developmental achievements’. Strangely quite a large section of the elite along with the electronic media appears to have helped him out to cover up the past by egging on people to move forward and forget the past. But can we?

In his endeavor to cover up the past, Modi has literally obliterated the contents of his original website perhaps to disconnect from the past. We however found a series of interviews published on his original website which show the true face of Modi in his own words.

In an interview given to then Senior Editor V. Shankar Aiyar and Special Correspondent Uday Mahurkar of India Today on March 18, 2002, while responding to a question about the brutality of the riots, this is what Modi had stated:

Narendra Modi: Gujarat Riots was a Mass Agitation

Narendra Modi: Gujarat Riots was a Mass Agitation

Q. Why do you think the rioting had such a brutal tinge to it?
A. It wasn’t merely a communal riot but something like a mass agitation.

Modi's Mass Agitation

Modi’s Mass Agitation

Does the response of Modi reflect the pensive emotions of a sensitive man who has just witnessed the most brutal and devastating murder and arson of 1200 innocent people who he was expected to protect as the Chief Minister of the state? Or does it reflect the mindset of a diabolic and partisan perpetrator who is trying to justify the most brutal killings? To describe the mob violence that was targeting, killing, and burning alive hapless men, women and children as a ‘mass agitation’ by itself makes him as culpable as the murderous mob. Nay, Modi’s culpability is far more. He further justifies the brutality by saying the following:


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