This is for @attorneybharti (Somnath Bharti):
पत्नियों को अलग रखते हो
वेश्याओं से
और प्रेमिकाओं को अलग रखते हो
पत्नियों से
कितना आतंकित होते हो
जब स्त्री बेखौफ भटकती है
ढूंढती हुई अपना व्यक्तित्व
एक ही साथ वेश्याओं और पत्नियों
और प्रमिकाओं में !

Keep your wives separate
From your whores
And your lovers separate
From your wives
How you are struck
With terror
When a woman wanders fearlessly
Searching for her own self
Together amongst whores and wives
And lovers!

(Alok Dhanwa, Bhagi Hui Ladkiyan)

Is there any woman who has never experienced the fear of being treated as a whore? When we’re out at the wrong time of night, in the wrong clothes, with the wrong men/women, of the wrong racial features, when we’ve been sexually harassed or raped… every time like that, we see ourselves being seen as whores, as vaishyas, as the opposite of ma/behen/beti.

Our lives are stifled by the anxiety to ensure we are not taken for whores…. Somnath Bharti, AAP‘s august, enlightened leadership with its slick sophistry of political idiom, try and get it – we can be ‘safe’ only in a world where women are no longer divided on the moral Line of Control of vaishya vs ma/behen/beti…


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