Amdavadis question logic behind installing decorative lights for Trump who will arrive during the day


Motera area has received a quick facelift ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to the city on February 24. What has raised eyebrows, however, is Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s plan to install decorative lighting worth Rs 1 crore along the route that US President will pass through during the day.

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will land directly in Ahmedabad around 12 noon. He is expected to spend about 3.5 hours in sunny Ahmedabad.

Officials from AMC Light department said, “We will install decorative lights along the stretches from airport to Indira bridge to Motera stadium, then from stadium to Sabarmati to Chimanbhai Bridge and from Subhash Bridge to Gandhi ashram along with Airport Circle, Indira Bridge Circle and Subhash Bridge Circle. The flags of both countries will be displayed through lights at Gandhi ashram. The area behind Gandhi ashram as well as the riverfront will be decorated with lights. In all, lighting worth Rs 1 crore will be installed.”

Confirming this, Standing Committee Chairman Amul Bhatt said, “We are going to install lights along the route. However, we will first take the permission of security personnel and work accordingly.”

AMC Opposition leader Dinesh Sharma said, “There are many bridges where lights are non-functional. People have to face harassment because of this. But The AMC is using decorative lights to welcome US President Donald Trump in broad daylight. They are showing ‘din mein taare’ to Trump. People are paying taxes and their complaints are not being addressed. However, BJP is more inclined to spend tax money to show-off.”

The Sabarmati riverfront and area behind Gandhi ashram will also be decorated with lighting, said AMC officials

When you think there must be a limit to stupidity, these people seem to take that up as a challenge Who buys lights worth 1 cr to impress Trump who’s here in the day! Birds of a feather build walls together.

Saroja Sankaran, entrepreneur

We are spending crores to hide the real development of Gujarat. What is the point of showing the world’s largest cricket ground when hundreds of children are dying of malnutrition and starvation

Atman Shah, lecturer, St. Xavier’s College