NEW DELHI: A former top Indian police officer Sanjiv Bhatt exposed his government’s claim that four people had sneaked from Azad Kashmir to attack the highly fortified Brigade Headquarters that left at least 17 soldiers dead.

He shared some fact and figures on Facebook about Indian Army in Kashmir, which contradicted lies that Pakistani soil was used to carry out the attack.

“Nearly 7,00,000 Army Personnel and 7,00,000 Para Military Personnel are stationed in Jammu and Kashmir. A total of 14,00,000 highly trained troops…almost 30% of our Armed Forces,” Bhatt wrote on his Facebook account.

The Indian Line of Control fencing is a 550 km barrier along the disputed 1972 Line of Control (or cease fire). The Fence, constructed by India, generally remains about 150 yards on the Indian-controlled side. Its stated purpose is to exclude arms smuggling and infiltration by Pakistani-based separatist militants.

The barrier itself consists of double-row of fencing and concertina wire eight to twelve feet in height, and is electrified and connected to a network of motion sensors, thermal imagining devices, lighting systems and alarms.

They act as “fast alert signals” to the Indian troops who can be alerted and ambush the infiltrators trying to sneak in. The small stretch of land between the rows of fencing is mined with thousands of landmines.

Yet, they say, 4 terrorist sneaked in from the PoK side and successfully attacked a highly fortified Army Camp (Brigade HQ).

“How long will we allow ourselves to be manipulated by these power-crazed ghouls who have no regard for the life of the unsuspecting Jawan or the disillusioned Kashmiri?”