NEW DELHI: A 76-year-old woman was brutally assaulted for trying to help a teenager who was being sexually harassed by a group of men at Sanjay Van in Vasant Kunj last Saturday.

Dr V Mohini Giri, who is currently attached to an NGO, happens to be a former chairperson of the National Commission for Women (NCW).

Several witnesses, allegedly, chose to remain mute spectators to the incident that unfolded in broad daylight. Dr Giri has alleged that a Delhi Police PCR van stationed near the area refused to intervene despite requests.

“I saw a shameful assault on a girl by a gang of young boys and as I went closer to understand the situation, I saw them tearing off her clothes as they assaulted her,” Dr Giri told HT.

“I tried to shield her with my own body and seeing a PCR van pass by, tried to stop it. The driver came down and saw the whole situation but, to my surprise, went back to his vehicle only to return and say that he couldn’t help me then because a higher official sitting in the PCR had to go somewhere else urgently,” Dr Giri added.

Even before she could figure out what to do next, a person from the group dived at her and allegedly began assaulting her. She was verbally abused.

“Just then, I saw a police bike pass by and ran to its rider for help. But he brushed me aside, called me budiya and shoved me aside,” Dr Giri said.

Due to her injuries, Dr Giri hasn’t been able to approach her local police station but has sent her complaint to Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi via email. She is yet to receive even an acknowledgement.