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Forum vows to oppose Nuclear Plant at Kovvada

Forum for North Andhra Development members interacting with people of Kovvada. —Photo: By Arrangement

Forum for North Andhra Development members interacting with people of Kovvada. —Photo: By Arrangement

Outdated technology and non-compensation in case of accident cited

The Forum for Development of North Andhra (FDNA) on Tuesday alleged that both Union and State governments were trying to convert Srikakulam district as a dumping yard by making arrangements for the construction of India’s biggest atomic power plant with ‘outdated’ technology supplied by American multi-national company Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

The Forum said that the U.S. stopped construction of new nuclear plants in 1979 itself but wanted to transfer its untested technology to India. There was no mechanism for the payment of compensation to the people in case of an accident in the atomic power plant. It has also questioned the deletion of responsibility clauses in the Indo-U.S. agreement over the plant.

The Forum general secretary A. Aja Sarma, members V.G.K. Murthy, B.B. Nagesh, Kuna Ramu and others toured villages such as Kovvada, Kotapalem, and Tekkali of Ranasthalam mandal and interacted with the people who have been opposing the atomic plant in their vicinity.

Many locals told them that the government had stopped welfare schemes and other benefits forcing them to surrender their lands for the construction of plant. They also made it clear they would not surrender their lands even if the government was trying to lure them with ‘attractive package’ under the New Land Acquisition Act 2013.

Later addressing the media in Srikakulam, they alleged that atomic power to be produced from Kovvada would be the costliest as the government was spending almost Rs. 42 crore per megawatt when thermal power was priced at Rs. 5 crore per megawatt.http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/andhra-pradesh/forum-vows-to-oppose-nplant-at-kovvada/article8757745.ece

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