ArthaVidhya courses are offered online. As a new initiative, the online Basic Accounting Process (BAP) course is offered at 100% discount for economic and socially marginalized students offered from 6th February to 31st March 2014 . We aim to equip NGOs to empower students with practical,hands-on accounting skills,required by the industry.

Please hurry! The course for marginalized students starts on 6 Feb 2014 and ends on 31 March 2014. The course registration starts on 15th Jan 2014 The course duration is one month from the date of enrollment.

Benefits to economic and socially marginalized students.

  • Practical “Learn by doing” approach makes students job-ready.
  • Gives students the confidence and ability to face interviews.
  • Empowers students to compete on even terms in the job market.
  • Enables participants to be on par or even outperform peers at their workplaces.

Benefits to NGOs

  • Highly evolved vocational program to enhance and empower marginalized students.
  • Offers NGOs complete flexibility to skill students using course, from anywhere, at any time.
  • On course completion, students skilled in accounting can be easily placed by the NGO.
  • Attract more students and work towards the development of their geography of operation.
  • Enhances the image of the NGO, as a provider of skilled talent in the areas of operation.

Access requirement:

How it works:

Student eligibility criteria:

  • Differently abled persons (physical / Hearing / Speech)
  • Person from underprivileged family with income Below the Poverty Line.

ArthaVidhya recommends the course for students with a minimum qualification of 10 +2 in Commerce / Accounting education, and have ability to read and understand English and elementary computer skills.


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