Kracktivism works, After my first open letter  Shyam Benegal withdrew  from the jury of the Creating Happiness film competition  on Feb 23 , and Gul Panag whow as also on Jury  had pulled out on Feb 12th, leaving just Mr Piyush Pandey on the Jury details here Creating Happiness entries

After my  Second l Open Letter to Piyush Pandey the creator of the Ad, no reply from him , but yes issue of corporate social responsibility and ethics is being discussed, although I was  told by the “Creating happiness ‘ community they reply no one  did, yes i did get some lovely comments from  Vedanta employees on my letter which are here and you can read them in my blog

After my third letter to all the  film makers participating in the creating happiness competition ……..

Film-maker  Gorakshnath Khande, the director of the sole film from FTII that was submitted to the Vedanta ‘Creating Happiness’ Film Competition has decided to withdraw his film!  This is his message on facebook

I have gone through your msg and article also. And I totally agree with you.
 I actually realized it a month ago that they have nothing to do with the film-making, when they decided to choose a winner from maximum views on youtube. All they care about BRANDING and BUILDING A GOODWILL under the name of film-making competition. I already have stopped to spread the word about my film.

Now, I am communicating with them to withdraw the film from that competition.



The FTII  film which was in the competition is ” Wonder Boys

Wonderboys: A Film by FTII, Pune

I have written to Father Fraser head of St Xaveir College also, wherein XIC has two entries namely  The Churn: A Film by XIC, Mumbai
Noor-e-Sehar: A Film by XIC, Mumbai and I am writing to all institutions who are participating. Help me spread the message !!