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Gali Janardhan Reddy daughter’s ‘big fat’ wedding of 500 crores: Using old notes or new notes?


Bellari, Karnataka, November 12: While the common people is struggling to meet their expenses on account of the latest reforms of Narendra Modi’s De-monitisation, mining baron and former Karnataka Minister Gali Janardhan Reddy is prepping for his daughter’s big fat wedding.

Reportedly, the approximate cost of the wedding is estimated as Rs 500 crore. The wedding ceremony will include palatial sets of some crores, bollywood actors’ performances, extravagant decorations etc which adds to the count of crores.

Gali Janardhan Reddy threw a party for Tollywood stars, and some of the actors told Gali that they would all come to the wedding for free. They also assured him that they would bring top actors to the wedding. This irked many actors and they decided not to go, says a source.

After surprising everybody with the LCD invite for the wedding, the event itself was naturally expected to be costly. But Janardhan Reddy has gone one step further in splurging. Mere Bengaluru Palace is too passe for the Reddys who are now converting it into the ancient city of Vijayanagara for Brahmini Reddy’s wedding.


Many are working restlessly, to make the wedding venue look like one from the Golden Era of Vijayanagara. Even the wedding is slated to take place inside the palace, sets are being constructed around it to make it more attractive.

Sources said, “Large display screens, free wi-fi hotspots, jimmy jib cameras, drone cameras and many more hi-tech equipment will be used during the wedding. Set designers who are the best in the industry have been hired to make Palace Grounds to look like heaven.”

Over 2 dozen security personnel are keeping a strict vigil making the venue out of bounds for public. Well known faces from the Hindi, Kannada and Telugu film industries are expected to perform at the mega event.

Traffic movement on Airport Road is expected to be badly affected on Wednesday as over one lakh people are expected to attend the wedding of mining baron and former minister Gali Janardhan Reddy’s daughter at Palace Grounds.

The wedding is likely to cause traffic issues on Ballari Road on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Palace Grounds which is already in the ‘possession’ of the Reddys, is being readied to give visitors a glimpse of the Vijayanagar empire. Private security has been deployed at the grounds and bouncers have been posted at all entry points. Entry to the public and media is restricted.


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