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Preface                                                                                                                                                                03

  1. RSS and Gandhi Murder                                                                                      04

by A.G. Noorani


(Table: Sardar Patel’s Correspondence)


  1. RSS and the Gandhi Murder                                                                               15

by Badri Raina


  1. No discussion on who killed Mahatma Gandhi is complete without addressing

idea of a Hindu Rashtra                                                                                                                     18

by Teesta Setalvad


  1. Who Killed Gandhi?                                                                                             22

by Tushar A Gandhi


  1. RSS & Murder of Mahatma Gandhi: What do contemporary documents tell?                         24

by Shamsul Islam


  1. The First Terrorist of Independent India                                                            25

by Subhash Gatade


  1. Gandhi Murder and Role RSS: Debate Continues                                             32

by Ram Puniyani


  1. Gandhi, RSS and Godse                                                                                       34

by L.S. Hardenia


Book Review


  1. Preserving the truth behind Gandhi’s Murder                                                 39

by Hari Narayan


  1. Savarkar and Hindutva                                                                                   41

by A.G. Noorani






Murder of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was also the first major attack of Hindunationalism on Indian Nationalism. The murderer of Gandhi, Godse was deeply steeped in the ideology of Hindu nationalism, he grew up in RSS and later also started working for Hindu Mahasabha. In a way he was a unique blend of both the streams of Hindu Nationalism, Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.


The Hindu nationalist RSS has always claimed that they have nothing to do with Godse etc. to hide Godse’s association with RSS. In response to Rahul Gandhi’s statement about Godse and RSS, RSS people have filed cases against Rahul Gandhi bringing to fore the debate about Gandhi murder, Godse and his connection with RSS.


This small compilation in the form of E Digest has picked up few pertinent articles on this theme to apprise activists and those interested in knowing the truth behind the same.


I am grateful to authors whose articles have been reproduced here.





Ram Puniyani

Centre for Study of Society and Secularism