Mr. Satyabrata Pal,
Hon’ble Member,
The National Human Rights Commission,
Faridcourt House, Copernicus Marge,
New Delhi-1

Sub: For investigation and necessary legal action on a case of gang
rape of a tribal woman by a group of five Special Police Officers

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring your kind attention on a case of gang rape of a
tribal woman by a group of five Special Police Officers on 23rd
October, 2012 at Dungardih village of Ranchi district in Jharkhand.

Case details:
A tribal woman Shukri (nick name) W/o Mr. Sudhra Lohra resident of
Dungardih village comes under Tamar police station of Ranchi district
in Jharkhand was raped by a group of five Special Police Officers on
23rd October, 2012.

The incident took place in the night at 11 PM when the Special Police
Officers – Mr. Sanjay Pramanik, Mr. Mangal Pramanik (both the resident
of Dungardih village), Mr. Somra Munda (resident of Lungtu village),
Mr. Sunil Mahto (resident of Chirudih village) and Mr. Dhananjay Munda
(resident of Lowahatu village) arrived to the house of Mrs. Shukri by
a Scorpio vehicle. Since, Mr. Sanjay Pramanik, Mr. Mangal Pramanik
comes from the same village therefore; they knew that Mrs. Shukri was
along at home and she’ll not hesitate to open the door if they seek
her help.

Mrs. Shukri was convinced that they need her help urgently therefore
she opened the door. However, as soon as she opened the door, all the
five SPOs entered into her house, caught her and put into the vehicle.
Thereafter, they took her nearby the Dungardih stream and they raped
her whole the night one after another. Finally, they left her in the
morning after threatening her that if she opens her mouth, they’ll
finish off her along with her family members.

After the incident Mrs. Shukri was completely terrified, shocked and
lost her mental balance. She went elsewhere with her husband but she
was still in abnormal condition and behaving differently, which gave
clue to her husband about the gang rape.

When Mrs. Shukri’s husband Mr. Sudhra Lohra supported her, she was
ready to file an FIR in the police station. A case was filed in the
police station and the perpetrators were arrested. However, the victim
apprehends that she may not be safe as the SPOs have very good
relationship with a top cope, who had given them free hand to operate
in the region.

The Special Police officers are involved in sexual exploitation of
women, murder of the villagers and collection of levy. In fact they
have terrorized the regions where they operate. The Jharkhand Police
have deployed 3400 SPOs in the state and also provided arms to them
which is completely illegal. All of them are the ex-Naxal therefore
they never bother about the human rights.

Hence, it is a clear case of the gross violation of the right to a
dignified live of Mrs. Shukri, therefore, I request the National Human
Rights Commission for the following actions.
1.      A high level inquiry should be established on a case of gang rape
of a tribal woman Mrs. Shukri by a group of five Special Police
2.      Since, a case of gang rape has already been registered against the
alleged perpetrators but there is an apprehension that the police can
save them therefore punishment should be ensured.
3.      The victim of gang raped Mrs. Shukri should be compensated, given
psychological treatment and provided her the security to fight the
4.      The NHRC should order the state government not to arm the civilians
in the name of fighting the Naxal because it’s leading towards gross
human rights violation in the state.
5.      The NHRC should order the state government to create an appropriate
mechanism to check the illegal activities of the SPOs.

I shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Gladson Dungdung
General Secretary,
JHRM, Ranchi.

Gladson Dungdung <[email protected]>