Deepak Jha      

Gautam Adani, Wilmar and a probable 1,90,000 Crores Pulses scam

When BJP gained power in 2014 and Narendra Modi took the chair of PM, there was this one thing very evident – Its nexus with the crony capitalists was going to have a boost. What Arvind Kejriwal used to accuse them of crony capitalism with his usual remark – “Inke ek jeb me Ambani hai aur doosre me Adani hai” is turning out to be an unpleasant reality. Narendra Modi government has been bringing Industrialist friendly policies keeping the interest of common man and the country at bay. From its anti-farmer amendment of land Acquisition act (which it took back amidst huge protests) to the big tax rebates and friendly loan schemes, the government has ‘unethically and cleverly’ been working for their well-being.

One of the most common meal items of the common man i.e. Dal is being sold around at 150 INR. It had touched a record height of Rs 220 months back. Though there have been droughts in many areas of the country, but it happens almost every two years and yet the prices did not go above Rs 100 ever. Now you will be guessing why all of a sudden the Dal Prices has been pulled in among the largely unrelated topic. There is a connection and a big one, though not verified but needs to be investigated.

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In 2014, Adani had formed a joint venture with Wilmar Company of Singapore for the marketing of food items in India. This joint venture company worked to collect the agricultural produce on large scale from the farmers in major states producing pulses. Since there was a cap imposed on the amount of collection and storage, Adani utilized his political influence and got a government order passed which removed the cap. This allowed the company to collect and store the three types of pulses into their warehouses. At that time, the entire produce of the three states were in the possession of Adani’s company approximately 100 lakh tons. This gave them control over the prices and they started selling the pulses at 220 rupees per kilogram which were bought merely at 30 rupees per kilograms. It is estimated that Adani’s Joint venture company earned total profit of 1, 90,000 Crores rupees through this route, mostly unaccounted ones.

Gautam Adani has always been at the close proximity with the prime minister and after Narendra Modi was sworn, Adani was seen accompanying him on most of his foreign trips. The massive 1 billion loan was also provided by the SBI to Adani groups in spite of he being indebted. During the election campaigns of BJP as well, Narendra Modi was seen availing the benefits of Adani provided aircraft. It has also been alleged that huge sums of unaccounted donation have been given by Ambanis and Adanis to BJP, which the government is trying to repay.