The journal Global Health Governance will be publishing a special issue on a proposed Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) in December 2014. The proposal for an FCGH would create a new international framework, grounded in the international human right to health, that would support health at the national and global levels.

For this special issue, Global Health Governance invites submissions of theoretical and empirical policy research articles that examine and analyze how the FCGH could improve health through improved governance and realization of the right to health.

Topics of interest:

  1. defining and articulating the underlying normative aspects of the FCGH and the prospects of implementing these norms across global, national, and local levels;
  2. global health diplomacy and the process of drafting a Framework Convention;
  3. institutional and political implementation concerns;
  4. the roles of and relationship between state and non-state actors in the formulation and implementation of the FCGH;
  5. the connection between existing norms and institutions and the FCGH;
  6. strategies and challenges for integrating the norms of the FCGH into existing global, national, and local institutions;
  7. accountability under the FCGH;
  8. strategies and challenges for using the FCGH to reshape or build on existing global, national, and local institutions to advance health equity and realization of the right to health.

The editors welcome diverse perspectives on the FCGH, including articles that are supportive or critical of this proposed Framework Convention, as well as articles that propose innovative or alternative models to address global governance for health.

Abstracts (up to 400 words) for proposed articles are due March 30, 2014. Articles selected for submission will be due July 31, 2014.

More information about the call (journal website)

More information about the FCGH (website of the Joint Action and Learning Initiative on National and Global Responsibilities for Health (JALI))


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