Andolan lays Seize to CM Residence in Mumbai

Protests in Different parts of Maharashtra

Dialogue with Secretary Housing Over, now Over to CM

April 12, Mumbai / New Delhi : Today is the ninth day of indefinite fast by Medha Patkar and 7th day of indefinite fast by Madhuri Shivkar in Golibar, Mumbai. Late in the evening yesterday Sanjay Nirupam, MP came to the dharna site and expressed his solidarity with the Andolan and said he will do his best to address the issues at hand. People from different Bastis had kept pouring in to the dharna site but also getting restless and so they decided to lay seize to Chief Minister‘s residence. Chief Minister, Shri Prithvi Raj Chavan spoke to Medha ji in the morning and agreed to meet a delegation.

Today morning nearly 1000 people from different Bastis parked themselves infront of CM’s house and refused to move unless and until he talked to them. Meanwhile, in morning we got a call from Principal Secretary Housing, Mr. Devashish Chakravarty to have a dialogue with the Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan (GBGB) representatives. A delegation went and met with them at 11 am. The meeting was joined by CEO, SRA Mr. Deshmukh and other officials. They agreed to most of the demands of the Andolan but bactracked on the demand of self redevelopment by Ganesh Krupa Housing Society, who paid for the land in 2003. As per the law they can claim self development but the authorities are not sure, even though CEO SRA on another meeting two days ago, see below, had agreed to this. As we write this update to you, the delegation is still there and waiting for the written order from them.

Once the written document is collected, a delegation will go and meet the Chief Minister. One the meeting is over Andolan will decide the next steps.

Since, morning, protests have been held by different organisations and supporters of the Andolan at different places in Maharashtra – Pune, Satara, Maangaon, Ahmadnagar and other places.

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Late in the evening yesterday on the 7th day of the Indefinite fast i.e. on 10th April, 2013, Sh. Nirmal Deshmukh, CEO, SRA called for a meeting with delegation from the fast site to discuss on the demands. Addl. Collector (Encroachment), Mr. Thackrey, Secretary, SRA, Mr. Milind Bohrikar, Sub-Registrar, SRA and other concerned officers from SRA (Slum Redevelopment Authority) were present during the discussion with the delegation by CEO, SRA.

1. Discussion started from Ganesh krupa Society Redevelopment Plan. The society has already paid amount of Rs. 5 lakh 4 Thousand towards the cost of land to the Collector in 2003. As per records the land belongs to the society. The Society now demands for self development. CEO, SRA agreed in principle on this and has agreed to talk to the Chief Minister and Principal Secretary, Housing on this.

2. CEO, SRA has agreed to the demand to stop demolition till the enquiry of the 6 societies are going on under the Principal Secretary, Housing.

3. He has even agreed to talk to the Chief Minister and Principal Secretary, Housing on the issue of Slum Declaration and Providing civic amenities to the bastis and implementation of Rajiv Awas Yojana for 21 bastis.

The delegation has demanded to take Mandala in Mumbai as the Pilot project for Rajiv Awas Yojana.

Corruption from the side of SRA can be clearly seen from the SRA side regarding the land transaction of GaneshKrupa Society of Golibar. In 2003, the Society paid the money to the govt. and the land now belongs to the residents of the society. This was clearly admitted by the SRA when they met the delegation yesterday. “When the land belongs to the residents of the Society, how the Shivalik ventures can demolish the houses built over it” said by the residents of the Society. In 1997, this matter has been published in the gazetteer of Maharashtra which supports the claim.



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