#AligarhTrailer http://bit.ly/1SldFNI   Gets ‘A’ Certificate


The Censor Board’s decision to give the trailer of ‘Aligarh’ an A-rated certificate has angered director Hansal Mehta, who has referred to the Board members as a ‘homophobic society’ who have severely hindered his efforts to publicise the film.

The adult certificate given to our trailer means that the trailer will only be shown with other ‘A’ rated films in the theatre,” said Mehta at the trailer launch yesterday, also expressing that he was only showing the trailer in anger and protest.


“We have only one month before the film release. It is an important film which talks about loneliness, relationship and homophobic society. The censor is behaving exactly like those people who suspended Professor Shiras in the movie. They are behaving like a homophobic society. You are breaking the back of a smaller film and making us run from pillar to post,” said a visibly-upset Mehta who claimed he would now have to spend the remaining time trying to resolve the censor issue instead of promoting his film.

Questioning how homosexuality could possibly be an adult concept, Mehta called the Censor Board’s ruling ‘ridiculous’ and has contested their decision to delete a few scenes, including Manoj Bajpai who plays Professor Shiras dozing off in court. The ‘Tevar’ actor was also not happy with the decision: “I didn’t understand first that a trailer gets an A certificate. Digitally, if we see, there are many products which need to get an A certificate. We are all taken aback. Hansal has said the right thing. Censor needs to be revamped. I feel Censor shouldn’t be there.”So, what does the ‘A’ certificate for the trailer means?

The trailer can only be played with an ‘Adult‘ film and that it will not be played on TV all day and it will only appear at night.

A Facebook post by Apurva M Asrani, the screenplay writer of the movie went viral today, as people took to questioning the relevance of the ‘A-rated’ certificate for the film.

In the post, Asrani asked people to come out and voice their protest if they think the trailer deserves a U or UA certificate.

The trailer of Hansal Mehta’s much-awaited film ‘Aligarh’ is out and if we were to summarize it one word, we would say: Poignant.

The story revolves around a middle aged, homosexual professorShrinivas Ramchandra Siras played by Manoj Bajpayee.

The film is based on the real life story of an Aligarh Muslim University professor who was suspended from his job after being caught in a sting operation while embracing a rickshaw-puller and was found dead under suspicious circumstances after successfully appealing his suspension.

Rajkummar Rao plays a journalist who unravels the professor’s world. And, the chemistry between Bajpayee and Rao is absolutely stunning.

In the 3-minute long trailer, Bajpayee, as professor Siras talks about love several times. But, this time, the love is painful and heartbreaking.