Do not go out of home wearing indecent dress, says Gujarat Police posters

 Preeti Panwar Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

:The Gujarat Police is now teaching morality to girls.

Ahmedabad, August 20: In what can be described as a ‘diktat’, the Porbandar police in Gujarat have put up posters advising girls and women not to wear jeans and shorts. Reportedly, the police’s move of urging girls to wear decent and proper clothes is part of a women empowerment campaign. The poster reads “do not go out of home wearing indecent dress”, written in Gujarati language.

The poster also features a photograph of Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel.


Ironically, the posters have been designed as part of the campaign for women empowerment. The police have urged women to dress ‘properly’. 

Usually, khap panchayats and extremists issue guidelines for women, but coming it from those who are appointed to maintain law and order in the society is likely to create a huge uproar.

It also raises question on Anadiben Patel-led Gujarat government.


As per report, the posters, that can draw criticism, were put up on August 12 by the Porbandar police, during a seminar on women empowerment. However, denying the move as an act of ‘moral policing’, Porbandar deputy SP was quoted saying as, “We put up the poster saying that one should wear decent dress. We have not advised anybody. We did not even mention girls or women in the poster.”

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