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Kanubhai Kalsaria, AAP Candidate from Bhavnagar and 3 time BJP MLA, protesting against land acquisition
Kanubhai Kalsaria, AAP Candidate from Bhavnagar and 3 time BJP MLA, protesting against land acquisition

While farmers were protesting peacefully against land acquisition by Gujarat Government, Gujarat’s Police resorted to unprovoked lathi-charge against protesting men and women in 2010. On one hand Narendra Modi and Gujarat Government claim that all the land acquisition is peaceful and just, Gujarat’s Police have forcefully evicted farmers from thousands of hectares of land. This particular protest was against Gujarat Government’s land acquisition for Nirma’s Cement Plant. The protest was led by Dr. Kanubhai Kalsaria, who is Aam Aadmi Party’s Candidate from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, for 2014 Elections and formerly 3 time BJP MLA. In an interview with Business Standard, Kanubhai had stated:

The government of Gujarat had granted land rights to Nirma in the heart of a water body created by the Samdhiala Bund. The cement company demanded a total of 4,415 hectares of land on lease for the mining of limestone from nine villages in Bhavnagar district. This land includes wet, privately owned agricultural land of 3,583 hectares, Gauchar land of 232 hectares, government wasteland of 343 hectares and another 253 hectares assigned for other purposes. The Gujarat government has already given in-principle approval to a total of 3,460 hectares of land for mining limestone to produce one million tonnes of cement.

Earlier, all these areas were wasteland but the Gujarat government created these bunds to protect saline sea water from entering the area. Now, the state government is planning to completely destroy agricultural land and these water bodies by allowing limestone mining and by building a cement factory.

The Gujarat government is suppressing the truth by allowing Nirma to set up a cement plant. Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the Nirma people have colluded against the farmers. Narendra Modi is playing with the lives of farmers and their family members in the name of development.
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