Gujarat, Updated Nov 09, 2012 at 11:37am IST

Ahmedabad: There is only a little over a month left for Gujarat Assembly Elections and Chief Minister Narendra Modi is going all out to woo the voters and ensure that his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, returns to power. But this time the masks of Modi, which were a huge hit during the 2007 election campaign, seem to have spooked the BJP.

During the 2007 elections Modi’s masks were an important part of the promotional strategy and were a huge hit among Gujarat voters. Now, five years later Modi’s masks have changed dramatically. People say that the masks which have been ordered for the 2012 elections are scary.

The BJP has decided not to distribute the masks after getting the feedback that they were scary and would put off the voters. Significantly, the masks used in 2007 were similar to Modi. They were almost an exact replica of his face with his white hair, beard and even the glasses. The masks were supplied by a Singapur-based company.

Manufactured by an Indian firm, the masks ordered for the 2012 elections are very different and don’t resemble Modi. In the masks, Modi looks much too old and several BJP activists find them scary. Even the spectacle used is very different form what Modi uses.

BJP leaders remained silent when asked why the masks were not being distributed. No leader was willing to come on record on who is the responsible for ordering the masks. Moreover, the big relief for Modi is that the new masks have not been distributed on a large scale.