Protestors shouted slogans and placard were displayed relating to the 2002 Gujarat riots, which took place when Narendra Modi was then Gujarat’s chief minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

More than 500-protestors against PM Narendra Modi were witnessed in the Vancouver on the third-leg of the Modi’s three-nation tour. People from different communities stand in front of Canada’s oldest gurudwara in Vancouver, and a temple protesting against PM Narendra Modi by raising issues ranging from secularism to 2002 Gujarat riots.

Amid heavy security deployment, protestors shout slogans and placard were displayed relating to the 2002 Gujarat riots, which took place when PM Narendra Modi was Gujarat’s chief minister. Some of the protesters were also objecting to the presence of Canadian PM Stephen Harper for a new anti-terror law that gives sweeping powers to the police and security agencies.

In his visit to Canada, Modi also remembered the 1914 Komagata Maru incident when Canada did not let in hundreds of Sikhs. Addressing devotees at Khalsa Diwan gurudwara, Narendra Modi said, “The Sikh community has worked hard and has earned the respect of the people of CanadaIndia is respected in Canada and this is due to your efforts. Wherever we are, let us do things that bring pride to our nation.”

“This is a very significant visit. Modi is the third Indian prime minister to come here,  after Jawaharlal Nehru in 1949 and Indira Gandhi in 1973,” Khalsa Diwan society president Sohan Singh Deo said. Later, the gurdwara committee gifted Sikh ceremonial swords to Narendra Modi and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

As Vancouver being his final destination in the three-nation tour of FranceGermany and CanadaNarendra Modi heads for India after signing many agreements with the visited countries. “I leave Canada with immense satisfaction. This visit will further enhance IndiaCanada ties. A big thanks to the people of Canada,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted before the Air India flight took-off from the soil of Canada.