Prashant Rupera| TNN 


VADODARA/ ANAND: A sexual harassment complaint has rocked the country’s premier rural management institute. A female employee of the Institute of Rural Management, Anand, (IRMA), on Thursday submitted a complaint of sexual harassment against a senior officer to the institute’s sexual harassment committee.

In her complaint, which TOI has access to, the female employee has stated that she was trying to ignore the top official’s sexual innuendoes but “matters have now come to a head”.

The complaint also describes around five instances where she felt the official’s remarks and behaviour were offensive and sexual in nature.

She has asked the committee to come up with an “appropriate solution”.

The official, against whom, the charges have been levelled, however, told TOI that he was surprised at the complaint. “If the complaint has been made before the committee, the committee will surely do it work. But I have no idea about this. I can’t think of anybody who can do this,” he said.