Jun 27 2014 : The Times of India (Ahmedabad)
`Zor ka jhatka’ for those teasing women

Girls In C Guj To Get Shock Torches At Discount

Those making unwanted advances towards women and girls in rural areas of central Gujarat should be prepared for a shock – quite literally. Vadodara range police have begun a programme to sell a highly subsidized device that looks like torchlight and also works as one till used to give a shock. Termed as shock torch by district police, it is also called electronic riot device.It generates a high voltage shock to stun a person much akin the shock batons used by the police to curb mob violence.With women’s safety becoming an issue of concern, many in the urban areas may have started looking for self-defence options.

But it is for the first time in the state that the police themselves have taken a decision to equip women with such a device in rural areas.

“The device has an output of over 1,000KV and also generates a lot of sound. Any person on whom this is used will be scared

away and bolt. We began distribution of the device at the hands of chief minister Anandiben Patel on Thursday in Dahod district and plan to do registrations of those who want to buy this and distribute it to them across the range,” said special IGP (Vadodara range) Anupamsinh Gehlot.Already 15 college students have bought the equipment.

Sarita Golani, who has procured the device, said women may face harassment while travelling. “This can come handy at such times. The other person would not realize what the wom

an is carrying and would be shocked when this is used on him,” she said.The device otherwise costs around Rs 1,300, but will be sold at subsidized rates by the police. “It will be sold at a discount of 30 to 50% depending on whether the person is from the general, Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe categories. The remaining cost will be borne by us under the Suraksha Setu Project,” said Gehlot. The device, which the police are procuring from an Ahmedabad-based vendor, in the next few days.


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