Jagruti Pandya, wife of former minister in the BJP-led Gujarat government, who had fought the Gujarat assembly elections in 2012 on a Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) ticket, has decided to put a full stop to politics.

Jagruti ventured into politics by joining the Gujarat Parivartan Party which merged with the BJP last month. She had contested elections from her husband’s traditional seat Ellisbridge assembly constituency and lost to BJP’s Rakesh Shah.

Replying to a question if she would join any other political party, she replied, “I have no plans to join any other political party. I had joined the GPP and the moment its leader went back to BJP, I decided to put a full stop to politics.”

Haren Pandya was killed on March 26, 2003 near the Law Garden area of Ahmedabad, after two gunmen shot at him and fled. Later, the Gujarat High Court acquitted all the 12 arrested by the CBI in the Haren Pandya murder case.

Today, 11 years after the murder of her husband Haren Pandya, she is bitter since the BJP “forgot” to pay homage to the “martyr”. Jagruti said that she would continue her fight for justice for her late husband.

“The late Haren Pandya was from the BJP, but the party leaders have no time to pay homage to the martyr. They have no time to remember his sacrifice. They did not even show humanity,” Jagruti Pandya told PTI.

“We have heard speeches that martyrs who laid down their lives for the country are forgotten, but what are they doing now,” Jagruti Pandya said, adding that the BJP has not made any effort to get Haren Pandya justice.

“Their leader talks of saving the entire country from terrorism, but in his own state, terrorists came and killed a former home minister. It is good to talk about the country, but charity must begin at home,” Jagruti said, without taking any names.

Jagruti also said that when AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal came to Gujarat earlier this month, she met him but they did not talk politics.

She targeted the BJP for its double standards. “The BJP names CBI as the Congress Bureau of Investigation, but when Haren Pandya was killed the NDA government was at the Centre, the BJP was in the state and the CBI was under them. So why did they not act?” she asked.

“Even after that, they never made a single representation to the UPA-led government. That means there is a lack of will,” she said, adding that the BJP practises double standards.

“I will not give up my fight for justice for my husband,” she said.


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