Rohtak: It is a sordid tale of exploitation and official involvement from Rohtak in Haryana where women and children at a government-aided shelter in the Chief Minister‘s own constituency are being abused and raped.

CNN-IBN has accessed the High Court Committee’s report that shows the involvement of certain Haryana government and police officials as well.

The women and the children in the government shelter in the Chief Minister’s constituency are being gang-raped, and forced into prostitution. Also, pregnant women are tortured to induce abortions.

The woman who runs the shelter has been arrested along with 3 relatives… the report reveals she is being given special treatment so she doesn’t name the officers involved

A probe ordered by the court into Apna Ghar, the shelter, revealed the shocking facts.

“I’ve been doing work related to child welfare for seven to eight years now. But I haven’t seen this kind of torture or sexual exploitation anywhere in my life,” said Utsav Bains, a member of the High Court investigation team.

Jaswanti Devi, who runs the shelter, has been arrested along with her daughter, son-in-law and a relative.

However, the investigation also reveals that Devi is being given special treatment for fear that she will name government and police officials involved in the sexual exploitation racket.

Meanwhile, more shocking statements have emerged from the probe, that pregnant inmates were forced to undergo painful abortions that verged on torture, and were gangraped by police officers.

“One of the demands was either a special investigation team with members outside Haryana or the CBI should investigate it. The local administration is hand-in-glove in this,” said Bains.

Reacting to the report, the Haryana Police has assured action, and that the culprits will be punished strictly.

“We will investigate and find out who are the officers involved. Anyone who is found guilty will definitely be strictly punished,” said Ranjeev Dalal, DGP, Haryana Police.

The whole case only came to light because two girls ran away from the home in May and told their horrific story to the National Commission for Child Rights. The Punjab and Haryana High Court formed an investigative team after a PIL was filed.

Helpless children and women were sexually exploited under the garb of running a shelter home. And helping keep it under wraps were some Haryana police officials, the very men meant to prevent it from happening in the first place. At least that is what the High Court team’s initial investigations reveal.