The Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (All India Hindu Assembly), a right-wing Hindu organization, will observe Feb. 14 as “Prem Vivah Diwas” or Love Marriage Day. The plan is to encourage love-struck young people who are dating someone who isn’t Hindu to come forward and get married.

The organization this year has made arrangements for “peaceful conversions,” followed by marriages on Valentine’s Day that aren’t coerced.

At the planned ceremonies, on Feb. 14, participants will undergo a “shuddhikaran” or purification process by being sprinkled with the water of the holy Ganges river and making religious offerings. As part of the conversion to Hinduism, the person will be “allowed to embrace any caste of their choice.

Couples will then be asked to exchange “prem vrat” or love vows to “prove their commitment and loyalty toward each another.

Having met these requirements, the couples will be married in the group’s New Delhi office by priests designated for the task.


Here’s a list of things that Mahasabha usually requires for performing weddings but for Valentine’s Day, Kaushik said that they will arrange everything in advance.

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