The banner showing PM Modi and other top leaders “united right wing against radical terrror” | Source: ScoopWhoop


A Day Before His Swearing-In Ceremony, Hindu Sena Holds A ‘Raj Tilak’ Ceremony For Trump

New Delhi: A day ahead of his swearing-in as 45th American President, a right-wing supporter group of Donald Trump held a coronation ceremony in his honour in New Delhi on Thursday.

“We are here to celebrate the ascension of Donald Trump as the American President. We have converged here for a ‘Raj Tilak’ ceremony. Since he can’t be here, we have decided to garland and crown his poster. His reign marks the rise of right-wing across the world,” said Vishnu Gupta, National President of Hindu Sena, a right-wing non-profit organization.

Prior to Thursday’s event, Hindu Sena also celebrated Trump’s 70th birthday last year and distributed sweets on his election victory in November 2016.

Hindu Sena workers garlanding US President-elect Donald Trump in Delhi on Thursday | Source: ScoopWhoop
While the Thursday’s event at Jantar Mantar marked the fringe group’s continuous obsession with Trump, the event also saw banners showing photos of PM Narendra Modi along with Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the title of being “United Right Wing Against Radical Terror.”

“The biggest threat to the world is Islamic terrorism. And all of the four right-wing leaders are united against it,” 32-year-old Gupta told ScoopWhoop News.

Known for its publicity events, Gupta said his group is not “affiliated” to RSS or BJP. He also drew parallels between PM Modi and Trump, saying “right-wing groups across the world are friends.”

“Trump belongs to American right-wing while as Modi represents Indian right-wing. This naturally makes them friends. Both the leaders have almost similar agendas. Both have vowed to eradicate Islamic terrorism from the world.”

Attended by not more than 20 supporters, the group also prayed for America’s “good relations” with India under the leadership of Trump.

In June last year, the group had also celebrated the 70th birthday of Trump and cut a cake in his name. Nearly two dozen activists of the fringe outfit had attended the occasion where pieces of cake were virtually fed to the posters of Trump.

However, indirectly, Trump had responded to all this adulation during his election campaign.

At an Indian-American charity event in October, though erroneously, Trump had declared himself a “a big fan of Hindu and a big fan of India.”

Gupta said: “Trump is the saviour of humanity.”