November 2, 2014


Organized Fundamentalist Hindutva Forces trying to Instigate Communal Tension in Bawana, Delhi again!

Pressurize the Administration to immediately intervene and stop the communal Mahapanchayat on 2nd November!

Organized Hindutva forces are again trying to instigate communal polarization and spread terror in Bawana area of North-West Delhi in the last few days. They have called for a ‘Mahapanchayat’ at 4pm on Sunday, 2nd November 2014 to oppose the Taziyeh procession taken out as part of the Moharram celebrations in the area, calling it a ‘terror procession’.

Only three-four policemen loitered in the area on 1st November night, while the administration, including the Lt. Governor and Police Commissioner, has been alerted in the afternoon itself by various pro-people forces and local people, on the rabidly communal ‘parcha’ that has been circulated in the area. This parcha explicitly gives a ‘call for Bawana’ to stop the supposed terror procession and ‘show of arms’, ‘display of strength’, disruption of peace and other baseless allegations on the Muslim community.

The situation of communal tension in Bawana is not spontaneous, but is being instigated by organized Hindutva forces, much like Trilokpuri in the past week. Earlier, on 2nd-6th October, just before Eid celebrations, the ‘Hindu Krantikari Sena’ outfit of the RSS tried to make a case out of imaginary ‘cow slaughter’ and instigate terror and communal tension among residents of Bawana JJ Colony and nearby Bawana village. They had also put up communal posters then calling for a gathering in Bawana Gaushala on 5th October.

But united local resistance of the people of Bawana, and solidarity efforts from anti-communal activists in Delhi, had pressurized the administration to deploy adequate force, and also halted the fundamentalists’ designs and there was no occurrence of violence. Fact-finding teams from Delhi visiting Bawana JJ colony on 5th and 6th October had also among others, demanded before the Bawana P.S. and the Governer to at least keep the police presence against communal instigation for a month, as residents had already expressed fears of a continuation and an escalation of tension during Moharram celebrations.

After the tension in first week of October, there was preparation for a united ‘aman shanti sabha’ on 1st November by residents of Bawana JJ Colony in a spirit of communal harmony. However, this had to be stopped as the administration ‘dissuaded’ the residents (denied permission) citing reasons of possible incitement of violence! The administration also told the Muslim residents of Bawana JJ Colony that they should, as demanded by the fundamentalist forces, also re-route their Taziya procession from its usual route across the villages which has been so for many years now, in a spirit of mutual celebration by all communities in each others’ festivities. But now, the administration goes ahead and gives green signal for a rabidly communal Mahapanchayat to happen, whose only expressed agenda is instigating communal violence! These instances show a clearly biased police administration, which must immediately be investigated into and transferred as necessary.

The present so-called Mahapanchayat reminds one of the similar pattern of organized violence being orchestrated through explicitly communal gatherings being inflamed into riots, Muzaffarnagar in UP being the most recent example.

We demand:

  1. The administration must immediately stop this illegal communal Mahapanchayat gathering which has an expressed rabid communal agenda
  2. Deploy continuous presence of increased police force till situation is stable.
  3. Strongly act against and arrest the fundamentalist communal forces of ‘Hindu Krantikari Sena’ now who have been planfully trying to instigate communal polarization and violence since before October.
  4. Facilitate the Aman Shanti Sabha being sought to be organized by the local Bawana JJ colony people as an effort in peace-building.
  5. Investigate into the biased role of the local Bawana police and punish the guilty and lax officials.

We also appeal to everyone to call/fax the following persons with the above demands:

1. Najeeb Jung, Lt. Governor, Delhi
[Contact: Principal Secretary to Lt. Governor]
011-23962988011-23941458; Fax: 011-23920225
[email protected]

2. Bhim Sain Bassi
Commissioner of Police, Delhi
011-23490201; Fax: 011-23722052
[email protected]
Post Box No.: 171, G.P.O., New Delhi

3. Deepak Mishra
Special Commissioner of Police, Operations: Delhi

4. DCP North-West Delhi
011-27229835; Fax: 011-27462222
[email protected]

5. DCP/Outer Delhi
011- 27034874; Fax: 27034873
[email protected]

Issued by: Ovais Khan, Nayanjyoti, Ishan Anand, Sumati, Faiz, Asad Ashraf, Siddhi Pandey, Anirban, Asit Das, Battini Rao, Ashley Tellis, Noor Zaheer, Nivedita Menon

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