CNN-IBN | Updated Sep 19, 2013 at 08:54pm IST

Rohtak: In a case of alleged honour killing in Haryana, a young couple was murdered by the girl’s family after the duo allegedly eloped to get married. Nidhi and her friend Dharmendra were brutally murdered by her family.

After the couple reportedly left the village in the Rohtak district on Tuesday to get married, the girl’s family contacted them and persuaded them to come home assuring them that they would not be harmed. Police claimed that after the couple returned, the girl’s family publicly lynched their daughter and broke Dharmendra’s limbs and beheaded him.

While Nidhi’s body was cremated, the boy’s body was thrown outside his house. However, what is more shocking is that Nidhi’s father showed no remorse on committing the crime. “I have no regrets. What happened is correct and should happen in the future too for society’s good,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police has arrested three people from the family in relation to the alleged honour killing.


“We have arrested the mother, father and the uncle of the girl and will be taking them to remand,” SP Rohtak Rajesh Duggal said. Nidhi was a fine arts student and Dharmendra was studying in an ITI. Activists are demanding that the guilty be brought to book and justice must be done. “This killing should be treated like a murder case and the guilty must be punished,” National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Mamata Sharma said. There has been no word from the state government on the incident so far.

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