The attempt is to make everyone conform to one body of information, that, inevitably, will be dictated by those who are without specialised knowledgepoliticians and bureaucrats.
How our education infrastructure is being systematically demolished
The other source of information for society or the public – that of formal education – has to be analysed at two levels: the content of education and the autonomy of educational institutions. Education is moving out of the hands of educationists and into those of politicians, bureaucrats and cultural and religious organisations with strong political agendas. This makes it crucial to be aware of how politicians today relate to intellectuals – if at all they do.

There is a substantial change in the qualities that currently mark those that enter politics as a career and hold responsible positions and those that did so fifty or so years ago. Sensitivity to the educational process is not so apparent these days, to put it mildly. Educational qualifications in themselves do not necessarily qualify such people but there should be more comprehension of the purposes of education.

Ideally, the essence of learning lies in enabling a person to think in forms that are analytical, logical and autonomous, not to mention creative. This applies to every aspect of learning. Thus, for instance, it is only by using the power of reasoning that an educated person can be made aware of the fact that knowledge, where it takes the form of a technology, has a particular context that produces that kind of knowledge and sustains it. A technological invention cannot take shape if nothing existed before.

Specific technological inventions of the twentieth century can only have been made in our times because there was pre-existing knowledge just prior to it, duly recorded, and that made the technology possible.

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