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‘How will Dr Kanhaiya treat his patients?’ asks Veer Sena #HaHanews

As if controversies surrounding Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) president Kanhaiya Kumar are not enough, a little-known right wing Hindu organisation is now worried about the “treatment that will be meted out to his patients” once he completes his doctorate.

“We know that he (Kanhaiya Kumar) is pursuing his PhD from JNU and he is threatening to break the nation to pieces. How can a person like him serve the patients who will approach him after he becomes a doctor?” asked Niranjan Pal of the Veer Sena, which is part of a group of right wing organisations which have vowed to stop Mr. Kumar from addressing a crowd in Mumbai on April 23.

When Mr. Pal was told that the JNUSU president is not studying medicine but literature, the leader refused to budge. “So? He will become a doctor anyway and patients will approach him,” he said.

A number of organisations calling themselves ‘patriotic and devout Hindu organisation’ held a press conference where they threatened that if Kanhaiya comes to Mumbai, he may not go back in good shape. “This is not an action, but this is a reaction. Those who are indulging in anti-national activities should be stopped and we will do whatever is in our power to do so,” said Sushil Tiwari, national president, Swarajya Hindu Sena.

Vaibhav Raut of Hindu Govansh Raksha Samiti said that Kanhaiya should be banned from entering Mumbai as he will “spoil the city’s atmosphere.” He added: “According to us he should not be allowed to live in India.”

Advocate Jayesh Tikhe said constitutional methods will be used to stop Mr Kumar from delivering his speech in Mumbai.


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