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NEW DELHI: At a time when the Centre’s decision to ban currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 is meant to curb black money, B R Ambedkar’s grandson and Dalit activist Prakash Ambedkar, who also runs his political outfit Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh, has a question for Prime Minister Narendra Modi: How will RSS account for the money that it collects from donations?
Ambedkar’s contention is that when people have been instructed by the government to deposit the banned notes with banks, how will the Sangh, which is not registered as a company, an NGO or trust or a political party get its wealth converted into white money.
On every Vijaya Dashmi day the RSS holds a huge rally in Nagpur where people make donations almost like a “charawa” (gift) at religious altars mostly in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, said Ambedkar, while speaking to TOI.
He added that these donations amount to crores and it is hardly a secret as the RSS chief announces it during his annual day speech at the Sangh headquarters.
“Can the Prime Minister explain how this money is being converted and where has this money gone?” asked Ambedkar at a time when the Dalit movement across the country is gaining momentum and a major Dalit-Adivasi-minority rally has been planned at the Ramlila grounds here on November 27.
RSS is not registered as a political party with the Election Commission, it is not registered as a company under the Companies Act, or as a charitable trust under any state trust act, so how will it justify the amount in banks, Ambedkar asked.
He also reminded the government that during Prime Minister V P Singh’s tenure Vishwa Hindu Parishad had received a donation of Rs 700 crore from donors abroad, mainly in the US.
“This was being investigated by an income tax officer Mr Gupta and BJP and RSS made a lot of hue and cry about it at that time and the officer was transferred out.”
Soon after, when the V P Singh government fell and the case was subsequently shut, nobody knew where the money went,” Ambedkar said, hoping that the huge amount collected by the Sangh does not disappear in the same manner.

Ambedkar asked how will the Sangh — which is not registered as a company, an NGO or trust or a political party — get its wealth converted into white money as the government has asked people to deposit banned notes with banks.