The ministry has appointed a senior faculty member Jandhyala BG Tilak of the prestigious NUEPA as chancellor of the same university.

NEW DELHI: The HRD ministry has done it again. The ministry has appointed a senior faculty member Jandhyala BG Tilak of the prestigious National University of Educational Planning and Administration as chancellor of the same university. Without realizing the technical anomalies – making him boss of his boss, the vice-chancellor — this could have created, ministry asked NUEPA registrar to issue the necessary order which was done.

But NUEPA and Tilak themselves soon realized the problems it could have created. For one, the chancellor’s post is honorary whereas Tilak is a full-time faculty. Joining would have meant he forfeits his salary and other perks as professor. Also, it would have been the first time that a serving faculty member becomes chancellor of the university he works for.

NUEPA sources said Tilak has approached the ministry and requested that he cannot take up the post because of obvious technical flaws. Tilak told TOI, “There are problems with the appointment. I have told the ministry. It will be reviewed.” Ministry sources confirmed there is a move to rescind the decision.

“Mistake has been made and it will be soon rectified,” one source said. In the process, NUEPA will remain without chancellor for a few more months. It took six months for the ministry to finalize the name of chancellor and that too has turned out to be flawed.

NUEPA sources said Tilak was asked by the ministry to submit his bio-data three months back which he did without realizing he was to be made the chancellor of his own university. Having taught in Delhi University, Universities of Virginia and Hiroshima, Tilak has also worked with the World Bank. He is also the recipient of Dr Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for distinguished research contributions to development studies.