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‘All Dalit Line-up’ stand-up comedy in Hyderabad

Posted On May 24, 2023 Ankur Tangade, Manaal Patil, and Manjeet Sarkar are all set to perform ‘All Dalit Line-up’ in Hyderabad at Garage Moto café on June 10 Hyderabad: As part of a new collective of Dalit comedians called… Continue Reading →

I once admired Russell Brand. But his grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading

George Monbiot In an age of distortion, public figures have powerful tools and a responsibility. This is an object lesson in how that can go wrongFri 10 Mar 2023 07.00 GMT In 2014, the Guardian asked me to nominate my… Continue Reading →

A new climate change dictionary

April 25, 2022 Confused by all the jargon surrounding the current climate crisis? Here are some definitions you definitely won’t forget. by SHREYA ADHIKARI, TANAYA JAGTIANI 1. Climate fry-sis The combination of anger and exhaustion that hits when you read one more… Continue Reading →

Zee Tamil’s Kids’ Show In Trouble After Reportedly Mocking PM Narendra Modi, I&B Ministry Sends Legal Notice

The notice claims that the channel’s show has made some horrible comments on India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. By -January 18, 2022 Recently the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, also known as I&B Ministry for short, issued a notice against Zee… Continue Reading →

IIT Mandi Director Prof Laxmidhar Behera says ‘ghosts exist’, claims to have driven out ‘evil spirits’ via chants

Professor Laxmidhar Behera, Director of IIT Mandi, claimed that he drove out “evil spirits” from his friend’s house and family by chanting holy mantras in 1993. Prof Laxmidhar Behera | Image: iitk.ac.in  KEY HIGHLIGHTS Professor Laxmidhar Behera, Director of IIT Mandi, said… Continue Reading →

After Munawar Faruqui, stand-up comic Kunal Kamra says all shows in Bengaluru cancelled

“I suppose I am seen as a variant of the virus now,” Kamra wrote in a tweet, adding a word about Munawar Faruqui, another stand-up artist who was forced to “quit” his career after all 12 of his shows in… Continue Reading →

Art for social change: To what end?

The social sector typically uses art for awareness and behaviour change. Going against the grain, a Marathi comedy show emerges with some valuable lessons. by SEEMA NAIR Art and activism have always been closely linked. Think of Kabir and his dohe, Basavanna and… Continue Reading →

Afghanistan – Billy Joel drops new hit single, “Who tf started the fire?”

As US troops leave Afghanistan, Billy Joel drops new hit single, “Who tf started the fire?”. by- Piyush Joe Biden has sparked several debates across ideologies due to his recent decision of withdrawing American troops back from Afghanistan, leaving the… Continue Reading →

Kangana Ranaut time travels to 2002, changes her name to Mamta

by- Piyush Jain Swipe left to read the full story After getting banned from Twitter, Kangana Ranaut time travels to 2002, changes her name to Mamta In a shocking turn of events, Twitter banned Kangana Ranaut after she tweeted about… Continue Reading →

Progressive Khap Panchayat aligns itself with PM’s women empowerment campaign, modifies their honour killing policies

by- Piyush Jan In a first, a Khap Panchayat in a small village called ‘Irony’ reworked their policies concerning honour killings of local women. “We believe that women should be empowered and should not be killed for being women; we… Continue Reading →

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